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area, utility lines in the highway, and a
railroad line along the rear property.
Sites which have the railroad between
the highway and the available property
have a number of disadvantages. Appear-
ance of such a site is never good because
there is a rail line between the highway
and the plant and the rail siding has to be
placed in full view of the highway in-
stead of preferred landscaping and park-
ing areas. Also an access road has to be
constructed across the tracks, thereby
setting up a hazard for both the railroad
and the plant. In addition, utilities have
to be extended a greater distance across
the railroad. Thus, there is no comparison
of the two types of sites from the stand-
point of appearance, safety and economy.
The public in general and chambers
of commerce and development agencies
in particular should be conscious of this
elementary principle of good planning.
It's just common sense to create good
industrial sites whenever possible in-
stead of creating, at the same cost, poor
sties that are attractive to no one and
considerably less valuable to the owners.

[A cartoon]

[An photo of a building called "STEIN HALL"]

Stein, Hall &

STEIN, Hall & Co., national manu-
facturers of specialized products for
the paper, food, packaging, and textile
industries, has just completed and placed
in operation a new $500,000 plant on the
Piedmont & Nothern in Charlotte.
The installation, second largest of six
plants operated by the company, is lo-
cated on an eight-acre site on Glenwood
Drive which was purchased from the
Railway earlier this year. It includes a
35,000 square foot office, laboratory, and
warehouse building in addition to exten-
sive outdoor manufacturing facilities for
the production of various types of resins.
Original plans for this plant were ex-
panded while it was under construction
and the resulting facility is larger and
more extensive than was announced in
the May issue of the SEMAPHORE.
The new Charlotte plant, replacing
smaller facilities on West Morehead
Street, was formally opened on October


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