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[See previous page, photo of a building called "STEIN HALL", spans both columns]
NEW PLANT, located on
Glenwood Drive in Char-
lotte is the second larg-
est of the six operated
by the chemical firm.

[cut off, see previous page] Co. Completes Big New Plant

[column 1]

6 at a special open house for customers
and friends of the company. President
Lawrence Gussman of New York and a
number of company officials from the
New York headquarters were on hand

[photo of Stein, Hall and P & N officials, spans both columns]
OFFICIALS of Stein, Hall
and P & N attended the
opening. Left to right are
Messrs. Caplan, Lipman,
Gussman, Rankin, Bonow,
and Shippey, with Lynch and
Truax behind. Mr. Gussman
and Mr. Rankin are the
presidents of the two firms.

[column 2]

for this occasion. Although the plant is
now in formal operation, some of the
manufacturing facilities on the site are
still in the process of being installed,

See STEIN, HALL, page 11

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