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August 23, 1945 THE SLATER NEWS Page 3

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June Freeman recently visit-
ed her brother, Pfc. Brown W.
Case, of Flat Rock, N. C., who
is on a 40 day furlough after
which he will report back to
Fort Bragg. Brown has served
in the European theater for the
past 18 months.

Mrs. Grady Goodwin and
daughter, Kate, were dinner
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Mull and family
on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Tate had
as their Sunday guests, Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Shepherd, Jr., of
Westerly, R. I.; Mr. and Mrs.
G. M. Williamson and son; Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Williamson and
son; Mrs. Henry Williamson;
Mr. Laura Vess; Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Shepherd, Sr.; Mr. Girard
Harrison; Pvt. and Mrs. Cleo
Shepherd and children, all of

Mrs. Lois Jewell and mother,
Mrs. Fannie Bates, had as their
guests this past week: Mrs. Lennie
Burns and Miss Bessie Hall,
from Cincinnati, Ohio; Pfc.
Fred Bates, home on furlough
from Baker Field, Cal. and Ed
Bates, S-1/C, from the South
Pacific on a 30 day furlough.

Mrs. Gaynel Coleman and
daughter spent the weekend
with Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Cole-
man, of Travelers Rest.

Misses Louise and Frances
Hall and Mrs. Fannie Bates and
family spent a delightful day
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Cantrell of Greenville, S. C.

Miss Beatrice Tolley leaves
for Columbia Commercial Col-
lege soon. Beatrice was a
graduate of Slater - Marietta
High School in the class of '45.
Her many friends wish her suc-
cess and hapiness as she be-
gins her studies.

Cpl. Hugh D. Jones, of Camp
Bowie, Texas, is spending a
furlough with his wife and pa-
rents at Pickens. Cpl. Jones will
report to Fort Bragg, N. C. for

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further duty. Clifford Jones, of
Baltimore, also visited the fami-
ly while his brother was home.

Mae Lynch and Violet Lewis
are back home in Pickens after
spending a pleasant week with
Alice Talley at Blythe Shoals.

Mr. and Mrs. Cagle Cox had
as recent visitors, Mrs. Cox's
brother, J. E. Verdin and fami-
ly, of Marietta, Ga.

Pauline Reid, of Dublin,
Texas, has returned to her
home after a ten day's vaca-
tion with her cousin, Helen
Jones, of Pickens.

Pfc. and Mrs. Joe E. Farr
spent a delightful weekend
with the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ansel Farr, of Travel-
ers Rest.

Mrs. C. C. Talley and child-
ren, Lillie, Clara, Raymond, and
Margie, visited in the home of
Mrs. Sarah Kelley on Bun-
combe Road recently.

T/Sgt. Willard A. Albright
has been honorably discharged
from the Army after five years
of service. He was overseas
eighteen months and partici-
pated in five major battles.

Mary Ella and Anna Martha
Vassey have returned to their
home in Columbia after a
week's visit with their cousins,
Billy and Betty Vassey.

The many friends of Willene
Miller are sorry to learn that
her mother is in a serious con-
dition at the General Hospital.
We wish for her a speedy recov-

Miss Carlene Brown, of Char-
lottesville, Va., has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Drury for the past several days.

Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Truesdale
and family are visiting Mrs.
Truesdale's brother in N. C.

Miss Mildred Shelton is visit-
ing relatives in Spencer Mt., N.
[column 1, bottom section]

Children Get Trip
Con't. from page 1, col. 2)

The children reached Radio
Station WFBC in time to be
studio guests of the "Hi Neigh-
bor Boys" during their broad-

A picnic lunch was enjoyed
at the City Park, where the
children played and watched
the animals until 4:00 o'clock.

Those he went on the trip
were: Flossie Abernathy, Betty
Lou Phillips, Patsy Southerlin,
Frieda Thornton, Elaine Foster,
Nancy Stephenson, L. B.
Vaughn, Junior McMakin, Her-
bert Farthing, George Hopson,
Sarah Faye Johnson, Josephine
Knight, Gene Addington, Bud-
dy Brown, Thomas Cox, Pa-
tricia Summey, Sara Jane
Christopher, Bobby Johnson,
Jesse White, Carolyeen Smith,
Joyce Bryant, Sigrid Gosnell,
and Sarah Jo Johnson.

Those eligible but unable to
go were: Ted Smith, Margaret
and Martha Robinson, Lila
Jean Clark, Patsy Christopher,
J. D. McCall, Clara Ramsey,
Madge Robinson, and Mildred

The group was chaperoned by
Misses Frances Pollard, Elea-
nor Martin, and Mr. W. Earle

[column 2, bottom section]

Program Reveals
(Con't. from Page 1, col. 2)

Nancy Stephenson, Elaine
Foster and Herbert Farth-

Songs: "Coming In On A Wing
And A Prayer," "Whistle
While You Work"
By: Herbert Farthing,
George Hopson, L. B.
Vaughn, Gene Addington,
Thomas Cox, James Johnson,
Ted Smith and Buddy

Readings: Peggy Scarce —
"Little Raindrops"
Barbara Hester — "What I
Frances Hester — Runna-

Singing Game: "Sandy Land"

Songs: "the Days of Long
"Ago, "Mighty Lak a Rose"
By: Clara Ramsey, Sara
Faye Johnson, Elaine Foster,
Carolyn Smith, Nancy Step-
henson, Nancy Abernathy,
Joyce Bryant, Madge Robin-
son, Frieda Thornton and
Carolyn Dixon.

Readings: Gene Addington —
"Johnny's Decision"
George Hopson — "The Con-
ceited Little Grasshopper"
Betty Scarce — "The Fire-
Gib Toby — "Grown Up"

Solo: Herbert Farthing — "I
had a Little Talke With the

[story continues column 3, middle section]

Play: "Paul Loses the Ration
Junior Richardson, Maxine
Brown, Ray Johnson, Russell
Hampton, Ophelia Riley, Bet-
ty McMullan and Billie

Announcements: Mr. Ried

Girl Scout Awards: To—Elaine
Foster and Patricia Summey

Sol: Mildred Connor—"Sweet
Dreams Sweetheart"

For their work on the vari-
ous programs, and for the in-
terest they have shown, those
who have participated are be-
ing given special favors during
the week of August 13th-18th.
A day for each different age
group has been set aside and
specialties have been arranged
for them. On Monday, August
13th, a group of 23 went to
Greenville and enjoyed a visit
to the Coca-Cola Bottling Co.,
the Woodside Building, from
the top off which they marvel-
ed at the sights of the city and
Radio Station WFBC where
they were guests of the "Hi
Neighbor["] broadcast at 12:00
noon. The rest of the afternoon
was spent at the City Park, eat-
ing a picnic lunch and playing

On Wednesday, August 15th
at 10:00, a group of the young
people will go to Table Rock
State Park while on Friday,
August 17th, the younger child-
ren will also go to Greenville
City Park.

It is hoped that the summer
has proved enjoyable, and that
next summer the program will
be bigger and better than be-

[column 3, top section]

Theatre Guide

August 24, 1945
John Wayne
Ann Dvorak
Russell Hicks
August 25, 1945
Jane Withers
Paul Kelly
Lee Patrick
August 27, 1945
William Powell
Myrna Loy
Lucille Watson
August 31, 1945
Joan Davis
William Gargan
Leon Errol
September 1, 1945
Paul Muni
Marguerite Chapman
Larry Parks
September 3, 1945
Dennis Morgan
Dane Clark
Raymond Massey
[column 3, bottom paragraphs]

A room hung with pictures is
a room hung with thought.—
Joshua Reynolds

Men blush less for their
crimes than for their weak-
nesses and vanity.—La Bruyere

[column 4]

Local School Nine
Wins Two Games

A baseball team, composed of
boys from Slater-Marietta High
School, have played three
games this month. Two games
have been played with Arm-
strong School, with each of the
teams winning one game. The
last game played was with
Travelers Rest High School, in
which Slater-Marietta woon by
the score of 12 to 6.

Much improvement has been
shown in the Slater-Marietta
team since the first game, and
the boys are hitting and field-
ing much better than when
they started. This team is
managed by J. P. Hampton and
"Chub" Taylor.

Inning scores for the first
two games played this month
and box scores for the game
with Travelers Rest are as fol-
Armstrong 004 400 010
9 5 7
Slater Marietta 443 560 510
28 18 4
Batteries — Davis, Rice &
Hunt — Cashion, Taylor &

Armstrong 200 300 030
8 9 5
Slater-Marietta 100 000 100
2 4 4
Batteries — Darnell & Hunt —
Thornton, Taylor & Lybrand


Travelers Rest AB R H E
M. Poole, 1b 5 0 1 0
Langley, 3b-p 5 0 1 1
Turner, 2b 4 0 0 3
Belcher, p-3b 4 1 1 1
Birdwell, ss 4 1 1 0
Robinson, lf 4 1 2 0
Vest, c 3 1 1 1
C. Poole, rf 3 1 1 0
Styles, cf 4 1 2 0
TOTAL 36 6 10 6

Taylor - Marietta AB R H E
Veal, ss 4 2 1 0
Cashion, 3b 4 2 1 1
Thornton, p-1b 5 1 2 0
Buchanan, cf 5 1 1 2
Taylor, c-p 5 0 1 0
Lybrand, 1b-c 5 1 0 1
Hampton, lf 3 3 1 0
Waldrop, 2b 5 2 1 2
Richardson, rf 5 0 1 0
TOTAL 40 12 9 6
Travelers Rest 040 100 010—6
200 004 42—12
Hall Entertains Guests
At Picnic Honoring Son

Mr. & Mrs. D. A. Hall en-
tertained at their home with a
basket picnic dinner on Sunday,
August 5, in honor of Mrs.
Hall's son, Petty Officer Alvin
Garrett, who returned to his
duties with the U. S. Navy on
August 9, after a thirty day
visit at home.

Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Arms and Miss Lila
Kate Arms, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Whitmire and Mr. J. W. Whit-
mire, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Hall
and Alvin Garrett.
When a man imagines, even
after years of striving, that he
has attained perfection, his de-
cline begins.—Theodore Martin

Whenever you are angry, be
assured that it is not only a
present evil, but that you have
increased a habit.—Epietetus

[column 5]

[photo of Mr. & Mrs. Cagle]
Of interest to their many
friends was the marriage of
Myrtle Lee Barnette and Mel-
vin A. Cagle on July 28, 1945.

Mrs. Cagle is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Barnette,
of Taylors. She received her
education at Mountain View
School and has been employed
in the Preparation Department
of S. Slater & Sons, Inc., for
several years.

Mr. Cagle is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. U. G. Cagle, of Tay-
lors. He is a veteran of the
present war, having fought in
the European theater. He has
lived near Taylors for the past
eight years and before that his
home was in Knoxville, Tenn.
He is also employed in the
Preparation Department of this

The couple spent a short
honeymoon in Hendersonville,
N. C., and are making their
home near Taylors.

The Vacation Bible School
now being held at the Slater
Methodist Chuch will come to
a close with the session ending
on Friday, August 24. Since
Monday, classes have begun at
9:30 each morning and have
closed at 11:30.

Teachers in this school are
Mrs. Edna Dublin, Mrs. R. H.
Atkinson, Mrs. Tom W. Huff-
man, Mrs. Ted Addington,
Mrs. Mary Jenkins and the
Rev. and Mrs. P. C. Curry.

All children between the
ages of 4 and 14 years were in
vited, and according to the latest
reports quite a few have avail-
ed themselves of the oppor-
tunity of attending this school.

"I've enough for myself
But not for my brother,"—
Purge me, Father, until this
spirit changes, and I love,
and say:
"I'll share with another,"
And given e'en though, I know,
For me there will be less. . . . .
That thou wilt make me more
like Christ,
Is my request.

Mary Earle Lowry Curry,
Travelers Rest, S. C.
Let us all be happy and live
within our means, even if we
have to borrow the money to
do it with.—Artemus Ward

The disease of an evil con-
science is beyond the practice
of all the physicians of all the
countries of the world. — Glad-

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