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Page Two THE SLATER NEWS December 22, 1945

The Slater News
Published Every Two Weeks
Slater Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Established 1790
In the Interest of Its Employees
[two shield like pictures, one has letters NCIE and the other states Editorial Production Apperance- around the sides of the shield and the letters SAIE in the middle]

ROBERT H. ATKINSON ________Editor
CECIL SPEIGHTS ________Asst. Editor


Weave Room: Ernestine McCall,
Nellie Barnette, Walker Reid,
Gladys Cox, Rosalee Cox, Sara C.
Chitwood, Dovie Faust, Lousie
Bagwell, and Margaret Johnson.

Preparation Dept.: Jessie Vassey,
Dorothy Hawkins, Julia Brown,
Mildred Mull, Mary Wallace,
Lucille Tate, Ruby Drury, Nellie
Ruth Payne, Stanley Hawkins,
Irene Cox.

Cloth Room: Opal W. Smith.

Community: Mrs. Raymond Johnson,
W. Earle Reid, Ruby P. Reid,
Doris F. Atkinson
Merry Cristmas

For the first time in five
years, the people of the United
States, are preparing to cele-
brate a peacetime Christmas.
The God of War, Mars, has
been deposed and once again
the Dove of Peace reigns su-

There is joy in the hearts of
all for no longer are our men
and boys being hurled against
the steel of the enemy. No
longer are they forced into the
jaws of death and the gates of

It is true that many will
never return for they gave
their all in the glorious defeat
of our foes which will enable
us to celebrate the birth of the
Saviour let us remember that
He, too, died for all mankind in
order that mankind might have
left and have ti more abundant-
ly. Therefore, those who will
never come back should be re-
membered in our hearts for
the died even as the Saviour
died for the more abundant

Many have returned to their
place amongst us. For this we
are grateful and to them we
say Merry Christmas to the
fullest extent for you have
earned it.

To those who still remain
away we say Merry Christmas
to you. Perhaps by next Christ-
mas you, too, will be back
with us. In the meantime, you
are not forgotten and we are
with you in the spirit of fellow-
ship which prevades this

Since it is a time of good
fellowship we wish all the rest
a Merry Christmas to the full-
est extent in the hopes that
you will enjoy this season to
the greatest possible degree.

In the spirit of Christmas let
us all realize we are brothers
and as the Saviour pleads, let
us all "love one another even

[continued on the bottom of column 2 after a break line]

as I have loved you." Then and
only then will we understand
the meaning of Merry Christ-

With this thought in mind
The Slater News wishes every-
one - a Merry Christmas.

[Top of column 2]
Christmas Time

What does Christmas mean
to you? Do you regard it as a
day of feasting and gift giv-
ing? or do you think of its re-
ligious significance and its ages
old, all important message of
"peace on earth and good will
to all men"? If your opinion of
Christmas day falls in the lat-
ter category you are imbued
with the true Christmas spirit
and your holiday will, doubt-
less, be one of joy.

We have so many things to
be thankful for on the glori-
ous Christmas day, in the year
of 1945, that ye editor could
not consider listing all of them.
We should be thankful most of
all, however, for a world at
peace and return of our
loved ones from the hell of war
in distant lands. As for the
other reasons for thankfulness
on this Christmas day, look
deep into your heart and you
will find many of them.

Christmas, this year, will
shine in all its true flory. It
could not be properly celebrat-
ed during the long, black
years of war because its mess-
age of "Peace on earth" was
drowned out by the thunder
and roar of guns as madmen
sought to gain control of the
destines fo the world. True,
best we could, during the war
years but these Christmases
were huanted by worry and
fear and were but feeble imi-
tations fo the true spirit of
Christmas which will prevail
over the entire world this year.

Let's take a look at Christ-
mas and see what it really
means. We'll stop first at the
home of a returned veteran
who spent other Christmases
under a hair of enemy fire.
Here we are! It's a small cott-
age but it's full of warmth and
cheerfulness as can be seen by
the lighted windows and the
colored lights of a Christmas
tree shining through yonder
window pane. Let's step inside.
Our veteran is the good look-
ing fellow in the gray
tweed suit and that handsome
blond girl sitting beside him is
his wife. She hadn't seen him
in four years until this fall.
The little girl playing with the
doll at her daddy's feet is our
veteran's daughter. Her name
is Sandra and she's seven years
old. Now she's looking up at
her daddy with a big smile.
Can you hear what she's say-
ing? Well, in case you didn't
hear, she said, "Gee I'm glad
you're home, daddy!" That's
Christmas for you!

Now let's take a peek at
Christmas in a veterans' hos-
pital. Those men seated in
wheel chairs around the com-
munal Christmas tree are vete-
rans from all the theatres of
war. Some have lost legs,
others arms and some are total-
ly blind. But they are all smil-
ling and in good spirits for this
is what they've all dreamed
about - a Christmas in their
own native land- a Christmas
free from pain and hurt - a
Christamas that assures them
that they will fight no more.
We owe this Christmas day to

[continued on column 3 after the line break]

them. They made it possible
through their sacrifices in the
war against the dictators.
Thats Christmas for you!

Are you beginning to get the
Christmas spirit? Let's take a
look into the home of an aver-
age American citizen who
could be you. He's seated at
the head of the festive board
with his family around him.
He's just an ordinary fellow
but he made this Christmas of
peace possibel too. He stayed
on his job during the war
years. He bought bonds and
wrote leters to boys overseas.
He kept this nation in working
order for our boys to come
home to. He's the fellow who
backed the attack on the home
front and gave to the full ex-
tent of his ability to help the
war effort. He's entitled to that
atmosphere of content which
surrounds him like a halo as
he carves the turkey. That's
Christmas for you!

There are many more joyous
Christmas seasons in the offing
but non will be as joyous as
this one. This is a special
Christmas! It is a Christmas
which was the goal in the
minds of all of us as we did our
bit throughout the war years.
It's a Christmas day on which
our hearts will be truly filled
with the ancient message of,
"Peace on earth and good will
to all men!"

[Top of column 3]
Cloth Room Chatter

Miss Margaret Raxter spent
a recent week-end with Mrs.
Lila Mae Henry and children

Mrs. Estelle Coggins and
Mrs. Mary Cline tell us that
their father, Mr. J. N. Tim-
mons, is greatly improved after
an operation at the General
Hospital in Greenville.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Shirley
had as their week-end guests,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stroud of

Mrs. Emma Looper of Dacus-
ville visted her daughter and
grand daughter, Mrs. Sallie
Guest and Mrs. Ralph Gold-
smith recently.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Whit-
mire of Rosamond, N. C. visit-
ed Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Morri-
son of Travelers Rest last Fri-

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Coleman
of Travelers Rest were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Elliott Batson and family.

Everyone is glad to hear
Miss Clara Talley's father, Mr.
C. C. Talley is improving after
a serious operation.

"Pete" Phillips, S-2/C,
brother of Miss Margaret Phil-
lips, is home of leave from
Brooklyn, N. Y.

There are still quite a num-
ber of employees in the Cloth
Room on sick list. We wish
for each a speedy recovery.

The Cloth Room welcomes
Mr. Dee Bishop as a new em-
ployee. He has recently been
discharged from the Army. We
are glad to have Dee with us
and wish him much success.

Mrs. Opal W. Smith and
Mrs. Mary Cline were very
happy to recieve word that
their husbands, Pfc. Paul
Cline and Sgt. Ray Smith had
landed in the States. Both men
are now home with their fami-

Mrs. Agnes Bagwell has returned to her job as Cloth

[continued at the bottom of column 4]

Grader after being out for
some time due to illness

Mr. L. T. Scarce is having
to run several jobs these days:
His family is in bed with the
flu, yet he is still cheerful as
ever. His employeees are ready
and waiting to lend him a help-
ing hand. All wish for his
family a speedy recovery.


A Christmas program is to be
given at the Middle River Bap-
tist Church. The time and date
for the program has not been
set. Santa will be present to
help with the Christmas tree,
after the program.

Margie Friddle, Mildred and
Margaret Mull were dinner
guests of Gene and Hope Sim-
mons last Sunday.

Glenn Raxter is expected
home any day now. His pa-
rents recieved a telegram
several days ago, saying that
he had landed in San Fran-
cisco. They are also expecting a
telegram for Hugh, saying
that he has landed in N. Y.

Lila Wood is happy because
all three of her brothers are
to be home this Christmas.
It has been several years since
they have had the privilege of
being home at the same time.
Grace Calloway's boy friend,
Coy Barton, is now home after
serving 13 months overseas.
He is a Veteran of France, Bel-
gium and Germany.

Boyd Bridgeman, who re-
cently returned from overseas,
now has his Discharge from
the U. S. Army. Mr. Bridgeman
is the brother of Mrs. B. F. Bar-
ton of Marietta, S. C.

Charlie McCall informs us
that his brother, Pfc. Robert
McCall is expected to soon be
home from the Army.

Harry Tinsley and Verdery
Cooper of the U. S. Army and
Frank Ammons of the U. S.
Navy are the Service men who
have returned to work in the
Slasher Room on the second
shift. We extend to each a
hearty welcome.

T/Sgt. C. A. Brown and his
wife, Nita, have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Drury. Sgt.
Brown is Mrs. Drury's brother.
He is on a ninety day furlough,
after having re-enlisted with
the U. S. Army. He is to re-
port back to Fort Bragg, N. C.
Mr. Cecil Barnett is home
again, having served over two
years with the U. S. Navy. We
are all glad to see him back.

Edward SHelton, S-2/C, is at
the home of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Blane Shelton of
Marietta, S. C.

Thos on the sick list from
Marietta are: Mrs. George
Bowers, Mrs. P. P. Truesdale
and children, Reid drury and

[continued on cloumn 5]

Mr. Blane Shelton. We hope
for all of them, a speedy recov-

The Committee for electing
Church officers met after
Prayer Meeting, Tuesday night,
to elect officers for the coming
year for the Marietta Baptist
Mr. and Mrs. Billie Phillips
attended the annual Christmas
supper for the Cooper Masonic
Lodge at Dave Stansell's, Tues-
day night.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hughes
had as their dinner guests Sun-
day, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Hughes and Mrs. J. M. Hughes
and sons, Boyce, Dan and
Charles, who have recently re-
turned from overseas, and Bob-
bie Clamp from Belton, S. C.

Mr. and Mrs. Seldon Bray
spent the week-end in ROyston,
Georgia with Mrs. Bray's par-

Mrs. Dorothy McWhite
wishes to express her sincere
thanks for the lovely flowers
and kind expressions of sym-
pathy sent to her famiy fol-
lowing the death of her brother,
Joe Chiles.

Cecil D. Martin of the U. S.
Marines is at home. He recent-
ly received his discharge. He
served in the Philippines and
on Okinawa. He is the brother
of Mrs. Grace Tate.

Donald Hall, brother of Gay-
nell Coleman and Louise and
Frances Hall is expected home
with a discharge about Decem-
ber 20th.

Pvt. Chester Tolley has been
home on furlough. He and Mrs.
Tolley visited her mother, Mrs.
Mulkey of Murphy, N. C.

James Edward Bates has just
received his discharge from the
U. S. Navy. He is the brother
of Mrs. Lois Jewell. Mrs.
Jewell's husband, Sgt. William
A. Jewell is also home for the

Mr.and Mrs. Paul Gilreath
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Elzie Bowers recently.

Clarence Pearson was a re-
cent visitor of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Cisson. He has recently
returned from overseas.

The people of Walnut Grove
community are having a Christ-
mas program and a Christmas
tree for the children. The pub-
lic is invited.

New Minister

(Con't. from page 1, col. 3)

Sunday School meets every
Sunday morning at 10:00 A. M.
with F. E. Penland as Super-

The public is invited to at-
tend any and all of these serv-
ices wehre a warm and friendly
welcome awaits them.

The people of Slater extend
the new minister a cordial wel-
come into the community. In

[continued on at the bottom of column 5]

turn, Mr. and Mrs. Bryson ex-
tend a warm welcome to the
people here to visit them at
thier new home.

The world is wearied of
statesmen whom democracy
has degraded into politicians.

Snobbery is the pride of
those who are not sure of their
posititon. -Berton Braley


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