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Page Four THE SLATER NEWS September 26, 1946


Robert Randolph

Robert was working here as
a weaver when he entered ser-
vice Sept. 25, 1941. He was
inducted at Charleston, S. C.,
and after about one month of
training was sent overseas to
the E. T. O. He was in service
four years, and spent thirty-
nine months of that time over-
seas. He saw action in battles
in Rhineland and Central Eu-
rope. Robert received his Hon-
orable Discharge Sept. 27, 1945
and accepted his job back with
us the latter part of Dec. 1945.

Calvin G. Cagle

Before induction into the
Army, Calvin was employed in
our weaving department. He
entered service in May, 1943,
and after one year of service
in the states, he was sent to the
E. T. O., where he participated
in battles in Normandy, North-
ern France, and Central Eu-
rope. He was given an Honor-
able Discharge Jan. 11, 1946,
and came back to work with us
in March.

Kenneth B. Keisler

Kenneth was employed as a
Loom Fixer for this plant at
the time he was called to the
Army in Dec. 1943. He served
in the states nine months be-
fore going overseas. He was
in the E. T. O. eighteen months
and saw action in Belgium and
Germany. Shortly after receiv-
ing his Honorable Discharge
the latter part of March, 1946,
Kenneth returned to work

Harry V. Tinsley

Ex-Cpl. Tinsley worked here
as a slasher helper until he en-
tered the Army in May, 1943.
He remained in the states nine
months and served with the
Anti-Aircraft Artillery. He was
overseas fifteen months and
was on active combat duty in
Central Europe. Harry receiv-
ed his Honorable Discharge
Nov. 30, 1945, and returned to
work with us Dec. 5, 1945.

Paul J. Goldsmith

Prior to his entering service
Dec. 20, 1943, Paul was employ-
ed at Slater as a slasher tender.
After receiving six months of
training in the states, he was
sent overseas and landed in
French territory. He served
overseas eighteen months and
participated in active combat
in Germany. Soon after re-
ceiving his Honorable Dis-
charge in March, 1946, Paul re-
turned to his old job with us.

Lawrence H. Buchanan

Lawrence graduated from
Slater-Marietta High School in
'42 and was awarded a scholar-
ship to Clemson College. He
completed his freshman year at
Clemson in June, 1943, and was
inducted into service in that
same month. Between school
terms, Lawrence worked in this
plant in the weaving depart-
ment, and upon receiving his
Honorable Discharge in March,
1946, he returned to work here
until his school term opened at
Clemson. He has our sincere
wishes for a successful school

John P. Martin

This Veteran was working
for this plant as a Tying Ma-
chine Operator before entering
service in July, 1943. He was
in service thirty-one months
and spent eleven of them in the
Mediterranean Theater. Short-
ly after receiving his Honor-
able Discharge March 9, 1946.
John returned to work here on
his old job. He has since left
our employ to work elsewhere.

[image and caption span columns 2 through 4]
[image: three men standing with golf clubs on the putting green]
The winners in the recent Golf Tournament sponsored by the Slater Golf Club. During the
war this tournament was not held; however, club members plan to hold a tournament annually.
In this picture are: (Left to right) Ansel McMakin, tournament winner; Robert T. Godfrey,
runner up, and Aubrey Ledford, consolation winner.

[image: hand-drawn picture of stork carrying a baby]

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Mc-
White announce the arrival of
a daughter on September 6 at
the Wood Memorial Clinic. The
little girl, who has been named
Dona Elizabeth, weighed eight
pounds at birth.

Mrs. McWhite is the former
Miss Dorothy Chiles.

Mr. McWhite is employed in
the Preparation Department of
the Slater plant.

Golf Tournament
Is Big Success

The recent Golf Tournament,
sponsored by the local Golf
Club, was a success according
to officials of the club.

Quite a number of devotees
of the Scotch game entered the
tournament, and the matches
were in most instances close.
They afforded a lot of pleasure
to those playing.

Ansel B. McMakin was the
winner when all play had been
completed. McMakin defeated
Robert T. Godfrey to win the

At the close of the tourna-
ment, a barbecue was given by
the members of the club for
themselves and a number of
invited guests. All attending
this affair reported an enjoy-
able occasion.


Misses Ruth Taylor, Clarissa
Camden, and Elizabeth Am-
mons attended the wedding of
Miss Sara DeWease and Mr.
Edward McMakin Sunday af-
ternoon at the Slater Baptist

Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Burns
and family of Greenville, Mrs.
Charles Waldrop and Mrs. E.
L. Waldrop spent the day at
the Great Smokies recently.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bledsoe
and daughter, Betty Clarie,
spent Sunday with their par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Knox
of Spartanburg.

The Cupid has been busy
lately, and we find another en-
gagement in our office. Miss
Maxine Carter became engaged
to Mr. Bill Patton and is sport-
ing a diamond.

[image and caption span colums 2 through 4]
[image: men sitting on a field having a picnic]
The Slater Golf Club held a delightful barbecue at the conclusion of the tournament. In this
picture, the golfers and their visitors are rapdily doing away with the 'cue which was cooked
by Loag Landreth. All attending reported a good time.

Linda Pace Is
Party Honoree

Little Linda Pace was hon-
ored at a birthday party on
September 5 given by her
mother, Mrs. Willie Pace, as-
sisted by Mrs. Carl Bryson and
Miss Ruth Campbell. Linda
was six years old.

Several games were enjoyed
by the little boys and girls
present after which the gifts
were opened. Linda received
many lovely and useful gifts.

Those attending the party
were: Madge, Margaret and
Martha Robinson, Kayrene,
Aaron and Lee McCollum, San-
dra, Butch and Marsha Bur-
gess, Sara Faye and Sammie
Johnson, Clara and Mickey
Ramsey, Shirley Hammett,
Mays Cooper, Marvin Clark,
Rose and Patty Addington,
Clara Ann Veal, Donnie Revis,
Joyce Hawkins, Billy Suttle,
Barbara and Frances Hester,
Peggy and Betty Scarce, Betty
Phillips, Billy Moore and Ray-
mond Reaves.


Miss Beatrice Looper became
the bride of James Coleman at
the home of the Rev. T. L. Bry-
son at Travelers Rest on Sat-
urday, August 31, at 11 o'clock.
Rev. Bryson performed the
ceremony in the presence of
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Looper, Mrs.
Adlia Coleman, Miss Frances
Coleman and Mr. Riley Farr.

The bride wore a light blue
two piece wool crepe suit with
black and white accessories.

Immediately following the
ceremony, a reception was held
at the home of the bride's par-

The couple soon left on a
wedding trip to Charleston, S.
C. and they visited Brock
Green Garden and Pyslin
Island in Georgetown. For
traveling, the bride wore a
black wool suit with black and
white accessories and a corsage
of pink roses.

Mrs. Coleman is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Looper
of Travelers Rest. She is a
graduate of Dacusville High
School, and is now employed in
the Slater plant as a weaver.

Mr. Coleman is the son of
Mrs. Adlia Coleman of Travel-
ers Rest and the late Mr. Web
Coleman. He is a graduate of
Travelers Rest High School. He
served with the U. S. Army for
three years and is now employ-
ed at Renfrew Bleachery.

The couple is now residing
at Travelers Rest.

Johnsons Honor Boys
With Birthday Supper

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson
honored S/Sgt. Eugene H.
Southerlin and Mr. John G.
Southerlin with a birthday sup-
per Saturday, September 7, at
their cottage at River Falls.

The supper was delicious and
all present had a very enjoy-
able time. Eugene and John
received many nice gifts.

Eugene has re-enlisted with
the U. S. Army and left on Sep-
tember 25 to report to New
York for overseas duty. Ev-
eryone wishes for him the best
of luck.