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Old Slater Mill
EST. 1790
Vol. 4
Slater, S. C., November 7, 1946
Slater Mill
Slater-Marietta Football Eleven
Doing Well In Its First Season
The football team represent-
ing the Slater-Marietta High
School defeated the strong Roe-
buck High SChool eleven on
the Roebuck field Tuesday, Oc-
tober 29, by the score of 28 to
0. The entire Slater-Marietta
team played good ball, both
offensively and defensively.
Wofford was the star of the

To date, the Slater-Marietta
team has a fair record. This
includes a scoreless tie with
Duncan, a loss to Welcome, and
a 6-6 tie with the strong "B"
team of Greer.

On Friday, November 1, the
team goes to Greenville where
they will play the "B" eleven
of the Greenville High School.
Coach Woodruff of the local
lads is hoping his team can re-
peat what they did against

The football team this year
is the first team the local school
has had in its history. Coach-
ing duties are under the direc-
tion of W.A. Woodruff, form-
er University of South Caro-
lina star and who also played
on a Service eleven while in the
Army. Coach Woodruff is to
be commended on the fine work
he is doing with the local boys,
as he had to start from
"scratch" and teach the candi-
dates for the team all of the
fundamentals of the game as
well as molding them into a
playing unit.

Uniforms for the team were
purchased by the Slater Com-
munity Association and donat-
ed to the school.

Coach Woodruff is endeavor-
ing to have a home game here
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Come to the Slater-Marietta
High School Home Economics
Department on Wednesday af-
ternoons at 2:15 and learn to
sew. If you can already sew
and do not have a machine,
come and use those in the de-

You may also come and use
any equipment there, which in-
cludes large tables for cutting
or sewing, sewing machine at-
tachments, a pinking machine,
a button hole attachment, cur-
tain stretchers, pressure cook-
ers, a water bath canner, stoves
and many other useful and nec-
essary articlles.

You are welcome any Wed-
nesday afternoon, and Mrs.
James N. Cleveland, II, the
Home Economics teacher, will
be there and will be glad to
help you in any way.

Any woman or girl in the
communities is welcome, so
bring yourfriends and be there
next Wednesday.

[column 2]

Announcement has been
made by radio station WFBC,
Greenville, S.C. that a new and
interesing program, "Our
Community," went on the air
Sunday morning, October 27,
frome 8:30 to 9:00, Eastern
Standard Time.

"Our Community" features
the outstanding radio person-
ality, Grady Cole, who has a
wide listener audience through-
out many stated. Each Sunday
morning he will tell his extra-
ordinary storied of Southern
personalities and people, and
what has happened to them
while at work and at play.
Long a favorite with thousands
of Southern families , Grady
Cole's story-telling and home-
ly philosophy are expected to
brind new inspiration to the ob-
servance of the Sabbath.

Music on the program con-
sists of sacred hymns, which is
furnished by the Johnson Fam-
ily singers (farther, mother,
daughter and three sons).
Farmers by trade, the Johnsons
nevertheless take a keen de-
light in all types of musical en-
tertainment, particulary the
singing of hymns.
(Con't. on page 2, col.2)

Funeral Rites
Are Conducted
For Mrs. Bates

This entire community was
saddened to learn of the death
of Mrs. Callie Godwin Bates,
which occurred at the Bates
home on Sunday, October 27.

Mrs. Bates had been serious-
ly ill for several months, and
her death did not come as a
surprise to her friends, al-
though it was sudden.

Mrs. Bates was a native of
Georgia, having been born in
Lowndes County, Georgia fifty
years ago, but for the past
twenty years she had been a
resident of Greenville County.

Mrs. Bates was well known
to a host of friends who regret
her passing and who will miss
her in the days to come. She
was a member of the Slater
Baptist Church of Slater and
was interested in church work
and all efforts for the improve-
ment of her community.

She is survived by her hus-
band, James A. Bates, and em-
ployee of the Slater Manufac-
turing Co., Inc., and also by her
mother, Mrs. Mollie Geddins;
three brothers, A.F., J.R., and
Abb Godwin; one sister, Mrs.
Lewis McNeace; two half
brothers, O.K. Geddins and J.
H. Jones; and one half sister,
Mrs. Alethia Davis.
(Con't. on page 3, col.3)

Brown And McClain Are Sentenced
For Robberies Committed At Slater

[Column 4]

The Employment Office is
holding payroll checks for a
number of persons and is de-
sirous of delivering them as
soon as possible.

Persons named below can se-
cure these checks by calling in
person at the Employment Of-
fice here at Slater or by mail-
ing a stamped, self-addressed
envelope to the Employment
Office, Slater Manufacturing
Co., Inc., Slater, S.C., request-
ing the check.

The checks are for varying
amounts; however , it would be
worth anyone's time to get
their check. The list is as fol-

Clarence Allison, Alvin
Briggs, Ratha Burnett, Joe
Charles Capps, Daisey E. Cox,
J.C. Cox Arthur Downs, Joyce
M. Edens, Aubrey T. Franklin,
Doris Graham, Beulah G. Har-
rison, Russell J. Jefferies, Ros-
coe E. Moore, Jr., Jamie D.
Owens, Cecil Patterson, Perry
M. Rampey, Annie Ruth Robin-
son, Harold E, Robinson, Kirby
Lee Starkey, Lewis Grant Tal-
lent, and Lila Wood.

Also Viola Brown, James G.
Cisson, Marion L. Cody, Lucille
(Con't. on page 2, col.3)

[stretching acroos colum 2,3,4 photo]
[photo is of road with trees on both sides]
[under reads]
The above scene is the first view the visitor to Slater has of this village. In the distance can
be seen Slater Hall, which is located on the highest ground in the village. To the risht is the
plant of the Slater Manufacturing Co., Inc., while to the left are the home of the residents of
Slater. Visitors often remark about the beauty of this scene.

[column 5]

Francis E. "Pete" Brown and
Joe Clifford McClain were sen-
tenced to three years each for
the robbery they committed at
Slater early in April of this

Brown was sentenced to
three years for housebraking
and larceny on one count of
which he alone was indicted.

Brown and McClain pleaded
guilty to two charges of house-
breaking and larceny and were
given concurrent sentences of
three years each. Brown's sen-
tences also are to run concur-
rently with that imposed in the
case in which he was indicted

Early in April, Brown and
McClain entered the Commun-
ity Drug Store and Cafe at
Slater; also the office of the
Community Association and
the Emolyment Office at Sla-
ter. About $35.00 in cash was
taken from the Cafe and Drug
Store, and several articles, such
as fountian pen, etc., were
missing from the offices enter-
ed. Several payroll checks
were taken from the Employ-
ment Office and later found on
the Slater village, as wes the
case with the notary seal of
Allen Suttle, Employment Man-

McClain was apprehended by
officers the day following the
robery, but it was not until
the middle of October that
Brown wae apprehended in
Florida and returned to Green-
ville for trail.

Both men pleaded guilty to
charges preferred against them

(Con't. on page 2, col. 2)


The Junior Class of Slater-
Marietta High School present-
ed a chapel program entitled
"Call It a Day" in the audo-
torium Friday, October 25. The
program was enjoy by every-
one present.

The cast was as follows: Dr.
Culver, Charles Barnett; Mrs.
Culver, Betty Bruce; Mrs.
Brown, Vivian Camden; Mr.
White, Alice Tally; Mrs. Blev-
ins, Sarah Wylie; Mrs. Blue,
Ruby Spencer; Mrs. Jones, Bet-
ty McCarson; Mrs. Frank,
Madaline Robinson; Homer
Howard, Marshall Revis; and
Oakly Cheever, George Snipes.

This was the second chapel
program in a series of pro-
grams to be given by each home
room. A committee of students
from each home room was
chosen to select the chapel pro-
grams, which are the prepared
and presented with the help
and guidance of each home
room teacher.

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