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May 29,1947 THE SLATER NEWS Page Three


Miss Pearl Price and several
friends recently enjoyed a trip
to Myrtle Beach, the Isle of
Palms and Folly Beach. Pearl
reports that they had a swell

We are glad to have Bonnie
Hopkins back at work in Weave
Room 2.

Mrs. Bernice Foster recently
visited Mr. and Mrs. Mac
Vaughn and little son in Green-

We were sorry to hear of the
death of Nina Allison's brother-
in-law and extend our deepest
sympathy to the family.

No wonder Louise Canham
looks so happy these days. She
and Jimmie have recently mov-
ed into their new home.

We welcome the following
new employees to the second
shift in Weave Room 2: Alvin
Talley, C. W. Clark, Bernice
Cantrell, amd Clyde Gosnell.

Lowell Edens, who formerly
worked as a cloth boy, has re-
cently been promoted to weav-
er and we believe he is going
to make a good one.

Mrs. Serina Case motored to
Hendersonville, N. C., last Sun-

We are sorry to hear that
Clarence McCollum's mother is
seriously ill. Clarence, we wish
for your mother a speedy re-

J. D. Pridmore is now work-
ing as a cloth doffer in No. 2-
and a very good one, too.

We wish to congratulate
Junaita Humphries on the fine
marks she made at school this
past year. She is nine years old
and is being promoted to the
fifth grade. Fine work, Juani-
ta, keep it up!

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Johnson
and Mrs. G. A. Thrift and
daughters, Brenda and Kay,
spent Sunday at Lake Lure and
Chimney Rock.

Mr. and Mrs. Ibra Peterson
and son went joy riding to
Hendersonville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cody
were the Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. C. B. Clarke of Mar-

Third shifters in No. 3 wel-
come J. P. Hampton to their

Sarah Lee Foster and Ed-
ward Bryant visited Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Hayes on Sunday.

Mrs. G. A. Thrift recently
spent the week-end in Geneva,
Ala., visiting Mr. Thrift.

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Laws
were Sunday visitors with Mr.
and Mrs. Charlie Benson.

John Lane reports that his
wife is home from the hospital
and is doing nicely. Glad to
hear it, John.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck Smith
spent the week-end visiting in
Greenwood and Donalds, S. C.
[column 2]
Poppy Sale

(Con't. from page 1, col. 3)

fought the battles of their coun-
try. It affords, too, the opportu-
nity of a practical and patriotic
program of relief and welfare
activities among disabled and
needy veterans and their de-

The Buddy Poppy plan car-
ries the endorsement of the

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunn
and son, Bobbie, spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Turner

We are sorry Mrs. Estelle
Thompson is out from work
due to illness. We hope she con-
tinues to improve and will soon
be back with us.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner Jones
recently visited Mrs. Rod Med-
ford and family of Tryon.

We welcome Mrs. Mary
Brown as our new battery filler
in No. 3, third shift.

Miss Sarah Lee Foster, Miss
Faye Singleton, Edward Bry-
ant and Carlos Poole enjoyed
a picnic lunch at Chimney
Rock recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Waldrop
had as their Sunday guests,
Mrs. J. P. Waldrop, Johnnie
Waldrop and Lillian Waldrop.

Employees of No. 2 welcome
Charles Loftis back as a loom
fixer. They are glad to
have Irene Chastain, from No.
1, and Elbert Bruce, from No.
3, working with them.

Second shifters in No. 1 wish
to congratulate Jewell Saxon
who was out recently to be mar-
ried. The best of luck and much
happiness, Jewell.

Mrs. Lizzie M. Richardson of
Marietta spent Mothers Day
with her daughter, Mrs. Adith
Stroud of Travelers Rest. Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Horton and
daughter, Gayle, were also din-
ner guests on Mothers Day.

Recent visitors in the home
of Mr. Dorsey Rice were Mrs.
Homer Couch and children.

For some time, Job II of
Weave Room 1 has had the
highest production and lowest
seconds. They are very proud
of their record.

Employees of No. 1 welcome
Mr. Glenn A. Crotts and hope
that he will like his work here
and enjoy living in Slater.

It seems that marrying is
catching in Weave Room 1. We
know of another party who is
wanting off from work a week
before long.

Friends of Mrs. Robbie Jones
are sorry that she us out from
work due to illness. We hope
you will soon we well and back
at work, Robbie.

Sam Addinton and sons
went fishing Saturday, but we
understand they had no luch.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed McMakin
of Greenville were supper
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Addington and fami-
ly Sunday night.

Employees in No. 1 enjoyed
having Frank White as their
"boss" while Bill Stephenson
was out sick, but were glad to
have their overseer back at
work following his recovery.

President of the United States;
the Secretary of the Navy; the
Secretary of War; American
Federation of Labor and Con-
gress of Industrial Organiza-
tions; General Federation of
Women's Clubs; outstanding re-
ligious leaders; fraternal organ-
izations; and business and pro-
fessional associations.

The Veterans of Foreign
Wars was the first veterans'
organization to undertake and
successfully conduct the Poppy

[column 3]
Theatre Guide

May 30, 1947
Gary Cooper
Dana Andrews
Walter Brennan
May 31, 1947
Red Skelton
Marilyn Maxwell
June 2, 1947
Katherine Hepburn
Robert Mitcham
Robert Taylor
June 6&7, 1947
Bobby Driscoll
Ruth Warrick
Luanna Patten
June9, 1947
Tyrone Power
Don Ameche
Alice Faye
Ethel Merman

Jeanne Crain
Lynn Bari
Glenn Langan
Alan Young

Sale movement on a nation-wide
scale. The first V.F.W. National
Poppy Sale was held in 1922,
using French poppies made by
women and children of the de-
vastated areas. The present
plan was developed in 1924 in
order to extend the relief af-
forded by the poppies to those
men who were disabled and
needy but still capable of em-
The name "Buddy Poppy"
was originated by the men who
first made these flowers. They
selected the term "Buddy" in
[photo stretches across column 3 and
4 that dipicts a women sitting in her
lap is two infants. Under the photo
Mrs. A. W. Williams of Travelers Rest, S. C. and her attrac-
tive twin daughters are shown above. The little girls are Carolyn
and Marolyn. Mrs. Williams is the former Miss Vera Puckett,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Puckett of Slater, S. C. Mr. Wil-
liams, the proud fater, is employed in the Cloth Room of this

[column 4]

We are glad to have "Flip"
Stroud back at work after be-
ing out for some time.
Although it is rater late,
we would still like to congratu-
late James Bayne. He was mar-
ried last October after leaving
Commissary employees en-
joyed having Agnes Reeves
working with the while Ray
Dean wea on the senior class
trip to Washington, D. C.
memory of those buddies who
were left behind. Since then
every V. F. W. Buddy Poppy
carried a copyrighted green la-
bel which identifies it as the
handiwork of disabled and
needy ex-service men.
The original plan has expand-
ed annually with the success of
each sale and is recognized by
the U. S. Veterans Administra-
tion as an important part of the
occupational therapy work in
the goverment hospitals where
the Bubby Poppies are made.

The entire proceeds of the
Sale are use for relief and wel-
fare activities among disabled
and needy veterans and their
dependents. A portion of the
funds is allotted each year to
the maintenance of the V. F. W.
National Home for Widows and
Orphans of Ex-Service Men at
Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

This Home is a living tribute
to those men, who, in making
the supreme sacrifice passed on
to us, the American public, the
responsibility of seeing that
their children will have their
chance to enjoy the safe and
secure future for which they
gave the last full measure of de-

The Veterans of Foreign
Wars regard as a privilege the
opportunity, through the Buddy
Poppy Sale, of offering to
America's soldier dead the hom-
age of reverence for their deeds
and the testimony of immuata-
ble remembrance.

[column 5]
[ in box at top of column]

Friday, May 16, was "happy
birthday" for Bobby Hawkins
who was nine years old. Bobby,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
Hawkins, is a member of the
Boys' Library Club.


The librarian wishes to pub-
licly say "thank you" to Miss
Coleman's class of first grade
children for the nice basket of
fruit which they sent to the
library last week. It was
thoughtful of this group to re-
member the librarian in this
way, and their thoughtfulness
is greatly appreciated.


Several more books have been
added to the collection of "Best
Sellers" which the library has
been featuring for the past few
weeks. These new titles are as
follows: " Roosevelt-As He
Saw It" (Elliott Roosevelt);
"The Shore Dimly Seen" (Ar-
nall); "Up front" (Mauldin);
' Dragon Seed" (Buck); "Hun-
gry Hill" (Du Maurier); and
"General Ike" (Hatch)


We are happy to recognize
the following new library mem-
Mrs. Evelyn Hughey Tilman
--Mrs. Tilman is a member of
the faculty of the local school
and teaches the seventh grade.


Gene Peterson-Gene is a
new member both of the library
and of the Friday P. M. Story
Hour group. He is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ibra Peterson.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are
employees of the Slater Manu-
facturing Co., Inc. and work in
the Weaving Department.


We hope everyone will plan
to attend the public program to
be presented by the Story Hour
groups at Slater Hall on Thurs-
day night, June 12. We will be
expecting you.

Let us join to "honor the
dead by helping the living." In
these days the flower of Ameri-
ca's remembrance, the Buddy
Poppy, carries an added signi-
ficance in its appeal "to care
for him who has borne the bat-
tle and for his widow and or-


Scouting Here

(Con't. from page 1, col. 5)

ing for boys between the ages
of 12 and 20. The results of
proper training received
through Scouting can be found
in the grown man, for although
a grown man, he never forgets
the basic laws of Scouting
which include trustworthiness,
loyalty, obedience, cheerfulness
straight- forwardness, cleanli-
ness, and reverence.


One round oaks dinning table
and four chairs, leather cover-
sonable. See Mrs. Grace Arms,
31 Third St., Slater, S. C.

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