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Page Four THE SLATER NEWS October 30, 1947

Preparation Club
Eats Fish Supper

The Booster Club of the
Preparation Department of
Slater Manufacturing Co., Inc.
enjoyed a chicken and fish
supper at Dave Stansell's Eat-
ing Place on Friday night,
October 17. Fourteen club
members were present for this

Mr. Clarence Brock, presi-
dent of the club, made a talk
on plans for a bigger and better
club. The purpose of the
"Boostes" is to keep that
"Sister Spirit" prevalent
among employees and over-

Those attending this supper
were: Mr. and Mrs. Gene Blan-
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Cagle Cox,
Mr. and Mrs. Ansel McMakin,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brock,
Mrs. Nellie Ruth Payne, Mrs.
Grace Arms, Mrs. Lillie Kate
Vickers, Mr. Roy Summey, Mr.
Harry Reynolds, and Mr. Jack

Members extend and invita-
tion to all who will to join
their club and help to make it
one of the best clubs at Slater.


What products have the
following slogans made

1. Good to the last drop.

2. Ask the man who owns

3. Eventually, why not

4. Not a cough in a carload.

5. Reach for ______ in-
stead of a sweet.

6. The pause that refreshes.

7. The voice with the smile

8. 99 - 44/100 per cent pure.

9. Four out of five have it.

10. No metal can touch you.

11. Men of Distinction.

12. The beer that made
Milwaukee famous.

13. When it rains it pours.

14. Look sharp, feel sharp
and be sharp.

15. The soap for beautiful

16. Time to retire.

17. Banishes tattle-tale gray.

18. Drink it and sleep.

Answers: 1. Maxwell House
Coffee. 2. Packard. 3. Gold
Metal Flour. 4. Old Gold. 5.
Lucky Strike. 6. Coca-Cola. 7.
American Telephone and Tele-
graph. 8. Ivory Soap. 9. For-
han's Toothpaste. 10. Paris
Garters. 11. Calvert Whiskey.
12. Schlitz Beer. 13. Morton
Salt. 14. Gilette Blades. 15.
Camay Soap. 16. Fisk Tires. 17.
Fels-Naptha Soap. 18. Sanka

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[image and caption span columns 2 and 3]
[image: man at counter working with chemical compounds]
Shown above is W. F. Horton, Registered Pharmacist, as he
carefully compounds a prescription at the Community Drug Store
here at Slater. "Doc" has been here at Slater for two years as
manager and pharmacist, and his untiring efforts in seeing that
the people of Slater receive correctly filled prescriptions from
pure and fresh drugs have endeared him to a host of friends.


Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Looper
motored to Brevard and
Hendersonville on a recent Sun-

Mrs. Nannie Compton of
Laurens, S. C. is visiting in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Compton of Slater.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H.
Phillips had as guests in their
home recently, her parents, Mr
and Mrs. John H. Ernest of
Walhalla, and her brother,
David Ernest of Philadelphia,

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gillespie
were dinner guests in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Bal-
combe of Simpsonville recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rogers
had as their recent Sunday
dinner guests, Mrs. Rogers'
mother and sister, Mrs. Eliza-
beth Wood of Greer and Miss
Mae Wood of Lander College,
and Mr. William Page of Fur-
man University. Also present
were Mr. Rogers' mother and
sister, Mrs. Myrtle Rogers and
Miss Elizabeth Ammons of Sla-


To be a good conversational-
ist, always remember it's the
other fellow who had the un-
usual operation. -- Marcelene
Cox, Ladies' Home Journal.


The intermediate G. A. girls
of the Slater Baptist Church
met Tuesday night, October 14,
at the home of Josephine
Knight of Slater. Eleven mem-
bers were present for the meet-

The meeting was opened with
prayer by Mrs. Hines S.
Richardson, after which the
group sang their G. A. song,
"We've A Story to Tell to the

Miss Elizabeth Ammons gave
a short talk on work that the
girls should do, and a com-
mittee was appointed to make
plans for a social. The meeting
was closed with prayer by
Freida Thornton.

Delicious refreshments were
served by the hostess, Miss

Those present were: Elaine
Foster, Betty Moody, Catherine
Moody, Nancy Stephenson,
Freida Thornton, Jessie Clyde
Poole, Joyce Snipes, Josephine
Knight, Carol Ann Richardson,
Miss Elizabeth Ammons, Mrs.
Hines S. Richardson, and Sara
Fay Johnson.

Community Chest
(Con't. from page 1, col. 3)

for the highest participation
per employee. Other leaders in
contributions to the Chest have
been our neighbors at Renfrew
and the Judson Mill in Green-

By contributing to the Com-
munity Chest, persons in the
Greater Greenville area are
able to give to 14 or more
charitable organizations all at
one time, instead of having
separate drives for each of
these organizations. The only
exception that has been made
is the American Red Cross,
which annually has its own
drive. Slater employees have
always donated to this worthy
cause also in a very generous

Allen Suttle, assisted by J.
A. Brady, directed to the drive
here at Slater this year.


What the world could use
most would be a peace pipe with
a built-in pilot light.

--Swanson Newsette.

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[image: the inside of a barber shop]
Slater Barber Shop - Slater, S. C.
N. C. HAWKINS, Proprietor

[image: hand-drawn stork carrying a baby]

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dodson
are receiving congratulations
on the arrival of a son, W. H.
Jr. (Billy), at the Wood
Memorial Clinic on October 12.
Billy weighed 6 lbs. 6 ozs. at

Mrs. Dodson is the former
Miss Grace Nixon of Hart
County, Ga.

Mr. Dodson is an employee of
the Slater Manufacturing Co.
Inc. and works in the Weaving

Mr. and Mrs. Edsel G. Dod-
son of Slater are the proud
parents of a daughter, born at
the Wood Memorial Clinic on
October 15

The little girl, who has been
named Barbara Cheryl, weighed
8 lbs. 8 ozs. at birth.

Mrs. Dodson is the former
Miss Kathleen Henson of Slater.

Mr. Dodson works in the
Weaving Department of the
Slater Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe F.
Taylor, of Marshall Avenue,
Greenville, are the proud
parents of a little daughter,
born at the Wood Memorial
Clinic on October 22. The baby,
who has been named Katherine
Elaine, weighed 9 lbs. 3 ozs. at

Mr. Taylor is connected with
the Barber-Colman Company of

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L.
Hogan of Slater announce the
arrival of a daughter at the
Wood Memorial Clinic on
October 21. The little girl,
Judy Elaine weighed 7 lbs. at

Before her marriage, Mrs
Hogan was Miss Grace Stinch-
comb of Georgia.

Mr. Hogan is an employee of
the Judson Mill in Greenville


Education is only a ladder to
gather fruit from the tree of
knowledge, not the fruit itself.
--Earl Riney, Church Mgt.


A business is like a wheel-
barrow; it doesn't move ahead
unless somebody pushes it.
--Office Motto.

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