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November 26, 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Mutt dunn and
family and Mrs. Mae Bates and
daughter were recent visitors
in Darlington.
Mrs. Rose Belt spent last
week with Mr. and Mrs. J. O.
Jamison of Travelers Rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Boggs and
Miss Beth Freeman, of Elber-
ton, Ga., attended the Furman-
Clemson game. Miss Freeman,
an ardent football fan, enjoyed
the game although her team
James Embry and Shirley
Searce visited relatives in
Georgia last week-end.
Third shifters are very
happy to have polished floors
in the department, and hope to
keep them looking spic and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunn
visited relatives in Johnson
City, Tenn. last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bell
visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Coggins Sunday.
[photograph of Miss Polly Connor wearing long, white evening gown and dark shoes.] Caption reads "Miss Polly Connor was chosen queen of the American Legion Carnival held here at Slater recently. Miss Connor is a local girl and is considered by many as one of the loveliest young ladies in this section of the state. She is to be congratulated on winning this contest."
A birthday dinner was given
in honor of Mrs. E. M. Tilley,
Miss Helen Boswell, and Mr.
Harold Capps last Sunday at
the home of Mrs. E. M. Tilley.
Everyone present enjoyed a
very nice day.
Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Madden
and family motored to Hickory,
N.C. last Sunday.
Mrs. Jennie Tucker of
Gainesville, Ga. is spending the
week with her son and daugh-
ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Claud
Mrs. Bertha Meece and Col-
umbia friends spent the week-
end in Highlands, N.C.
Mrs. L. C. Foster and Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Stephens and
family of Greenville visited
Mrs. Fannie Cox recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tripp and
Mr. and Mrs. John Edgar
Stigall and daughter, of
Greensboro, N.C., visited Mrs.
Bessie Tripp Swaney of Mari-
etta last Sunday.
Theatre Guide
November 29, 1947
Edward G. Robinson
John Garfield
Ida Lupino
December 5, 1947
Penny Singleton
Larry Simms
Arthur Lake
December 6, 1947
Larry Parks
William Demarest
Evelyn Keyes
December 12, 1947
Glenn Ford
Barry Sullivan
Janis Carter
Notice: From December 1,
1947 through March 15, 1948,
there will be no Monday night
shows as the premises will be
used for basketball.
A series of revival services
have closed at Middle River
Baptist Church with eleven
converts. The Rev Anderson of
Hendersonville, N.C. con-
ducted the services.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Waddell
and Peggy Rose and Mr. and
Mrs. Will Cox of Pickens
visited Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Southerlin of Greenville last
"Bud" Tripp, son of Mrs.
Bessie Tripp Swaney, was
recently transferred from Fort
Jackson, S.C. to New Jersey.
Add to Prep. Dept. News
Mrs. Esther Jones, an em-
ployee of the Drawing-In De-
partment, is out from work
having undergone a minor
operation recently. We hope
you will soon be back, Esther.
Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Simpson,
Mr. and Mrs. Winford Brock,
Mrs. Beulah Bates, and Messrs.
John, Albert, and "Pete"
Springfield attend the Fur-
man-Clemson football game in
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hargrove
and daughter, Joyce, were the
week-end guest of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Coggins of Green-
Cupid seems to be working
overtime thee days. The Draw-
ing-In room is losing its only
eligible "bachelor" soon, or so
it is rumored.
Mr. and Mrs. Cresswell Bar-
nett spent Sunday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Tilley.
Mr. Barnett is the brother of
Mrs. Tilley and is employed by
a shoe concern in Greenville.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hargrove
had as their recent guests, Mr.
and Mrs. Leland Barnette, Miss
Mildred Shelton, Mr. Russell
Whitmire, and Mrs. Clyde
Misses Lila Kate Arms and
Robbie Bishop and Leon Herde
and A.B. Davenport of Green-
ville were the Sunday night
supper guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Arms.
Employees of the Drawing-
In Department are missing two
of their fellow workers. Mrs. E.
A. McGill and Mrs. B. B.
Brown, who are working
temporarily with the Drawing-
In Department of Cleveland
Cloth Mill to help familiarize
[story expands to bottom of third column]
the ladies there with the truck
system and drawing drop
wires. Hurry back, Ruby and
[photograph of Miss Doris Hargrove in graduation rob and cap. Caption reads "Miss Doris Hargrove is a graduate of the local school and is now in her freshman year at Winthrop College at Rock Hill, S.C. She was recently elected vice-president of the freshman J. H. A. at Winthrop. Miss Hargrove is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hargrove of Marietta, S.C. who are both employed here."]
Jagger Speaks
(Con't. from page 2, col. 4)
boys and girls how to live in
their community. He continued
by saying that every child has
the right to life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness, and
that the school, combined with
the home, church, and other
community institutions, guar-
antees this right. "We shall
lose our freedom when we fail
to educate our people, for
education is democracy's life
line", said Dr. Jaggers. "The
only way for the world to live
and to keep on living is to work
together." The speaker
clenched his idea of giving
people an opportunity to co-
operate by stating that every-
body in this community has
something to contribute to tyhe
new school building when it is
erected and that we will miss
something if we don't use what
the people have to offer. Dr.
Jaggers concluded by saying,
"Let's work together to live."
Other platform guests pre-
sented by Mr. Atkinson were:
Rev. Ralph Kaney, pastor of
the Slater Methodist Church'
Rev. Charles T. Thompson,
pastor of the Slater Baptist
Church; Frank A. Cook,
representative from the Greens-
boro office; J. H. Barnett,
Superintendent of the Slater-
Marietta Schools; C. W. Eld-
ridge, plant Superintendent for
the Slater Manufacturing Co.,
Inc.; Hewlett Sullivan, owner
of Hale's Jewelry Store in
Greenville; Rev. B. Lester
Huff, pastor of the Marietta
Baptist Church; Henry Jar-
rard, member, Board of
Trustees of the local school; L.
P. Hollis, Superintendent of the
Parker Schools; W. E. Hender-
son, member of the Board of
Governors of the Slater Com-
[story continues to fourth column, halway down page]
munity Association; Profesor
C. L. Rasor, representing Fur-
man University; Hon. B. M.
Gibson, member of the House
of Representatives; W. J. Cas-
tine, from the State Depart-
ment of Education; J. Harvey
Cleveland, former member of
the House of Representatives;
and W. L. Pickell, architect
from Greenville.
Mr. J. H. Barnett, Super-
intendent of the school, ex-
pressed appreciation for what
the company is doing, after
which he introduced the mem-
bers of the faculty.
The Benediction was pro-
nounced by the Rev. B. Lester
Huff, pastor of the Marietta
Baptist Church.
The following high school
students served as ushers: Jean
Hester, Hattie Alma Ervin,
Nancy Ervin, Donald Stroud,
Charles Barnett, and Maynard
For Sale
One acre of land with small
house on it for only $650.00
Contact John Patterson, near
Hellams Crossing.

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