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December 22, 1947 THE SLATER NEWS Page 3

GOINGS-ON - - - -

Mrs. F. E. Lindsey recently
spent the day with her grand-
daughter, Mrs. G. A. Thrift.

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Penland
had as their week-end guests
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Crawford
of Greenville.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Huffman
spent the past week-end in
North Carolina.

Gene and Joann Foster spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Batson.

Mrs. Elizabeth Penland and
daughter enjoyed "Christmas
Shopping" Saturday.

We welcome the following to
#2 Weave Room, 3rd Shift:
Mrs. Jewell Bolick, Marvin
Madden, Sloan Holder, Jack
Cashion, and Betty Brown.

Snake Hall is the proud
father of a new boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jones
and son were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Turner

Duck Smith, Charles Loftis,
and Ted Addington had a nice
steak dinner with Sam Adding-
ton. They all enjoyed rabbit
hunting, also.

James Robinson has a table
top wood range for sale. It's
nearly new and a bargain too.

Mrs. Jewell Bolick has some
small white Bunnies for sale.
They would make nice Christ-
mas presents for kids.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Smith
of Travelers Rest were recent
supper guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Owens.

Daisy Batson hopes to be in
her new home for Christmas.
We hope so too, Daisy.

Anyone with a hunting dog
for sale or trade see Troy Tripp.

J. P. Hampton went rabbit
hunting last week but spent the
day shoveling his car out of
the sand. Better luck next time.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Jimmy Canham hope they will
soon have their little baby boy
home. He has been named
Paul Howard.

We are glad to have Doris P.
Raines back at work. She was
out due to illness.

Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Hender-
son spent the past Sunday visit-
ing Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hayden
of San Souci and Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Henderson of Greenville.

Mr. and Mrs. George Burrell
had great pleasure having the
formers mother and dad, Mr.
and Mrs. G. G. Burrell, along
with Mr. and Mrs. Willis Pep-
per and Mrs. Lelia Harris from
Greenville as their dinner
guests las Tuesday. They had
chicken and all the trimmings.

Friend of K. W. Brannon
are sorry to hear of his wife's
illness. Hope she will soon be
well again.

Boy! We can hardly wait for
our dinner Mr. Ed Ballenger
is giving his employees at Sla-
ter cafe Tuesday, December
23rd. It is a Christmas dinner.

[article continues on column 2]

We are sorry to hear that Bill
Raines has an uncle in the hos-
pital. We all wish him a speedy

Have you noticed the new
car? It is a brand new Nash Mr.
A. L. Martin is driving.

Firends are glad to hear Mrs.
Annie Bell Suggs has her son,
Junior Suggs, home from the
hospital. Hope it won't be long
until he's up and around again.

Doris and Billie Raines have
a pretty black '41 Deluxe Ford.

Red Allison, Cecil McKenny,
and Carl Bolick report a good
'possum hunt. They came home
with five.

Edith Owens and Lizzie
Edens are looking forward to
the Christmas holidays.

Rosa Lee Cox and Lizzie have
been spending a lot of time in
town buying gifts.

The last fish supper the men
of #3 Weave Room, 2nd Shift,
enjoyed was prepared by Mr.
Ed Farmer at the summer
home of Mr. W. T. Pierce. The
guest speakers for the occasion
were Mr. Cecil McKenny, Mr.
Carl Bolick and Mr. Ed Ballen-
ger. The subjects were "More
Production," "Less Seconds",
and "Better Understanding of
each Other."

Bernice Foster if looking for
her brother, Oliver Hooker,
from Salem, N. J., to spend the
Christmas Holidays with her.

Melvin and Lucy Chandler
recently visited Lucy's aunt in
Spartanburg, S. C.

John Plemmons, Elise, Sonny
and Melba Elliott from Canton,
N. C. spent the week-end with
Pearl Price recently.

We all hated to see J. D.
Pridmore leave Slater. He is
making his home in Anderson,
S. C.

Bernice Cantrell tells us old
Santa has already been visiting

We are glad to have Mr. G.
R. Davis back after being out
for several weeks due to an

Serena Case is expecting her
brother-in-law, Charlie Liner,
to spend the Christmas Holi-
days with her.

Mr. Jim Hendricks reports
his wife will have a birthday
December 15th. We all wish her
a happy birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Allison
and daughter, Ruth, are to be
dinner guests Sunday of Mr.
and Mrs. Eddie Gaylord of Sans

George and Dessie Burrell
are planning to spend their
Christmas holidays in Florida.

We welcome J. H. Bates as
our new cloth boy.

I anyone would like to buy
a good pair of shoes, see Clar-
ence McCollum. He is now sell-
ing men's ladies' and children's
[column 1, bottom paragraph]

Baptist Church Group
Hears Inspring Program

The Y. W. A. of the Slater
Baptist Church met Tuesday
night, December 9, to observe
the special season of prayer
program for Foreign Missions.

A very interesting and in-

[article continues on column 2, bottom section]

spiring program was held. A
good offering and good at-
tendence is reported by this
[column 2, bottom paragraph]

For Sale

One hot water heater for
Ford car. Cheaply priced. See
Paul Foster, Fourth Street,
Slater, S. C.

[column 3]

Theatre Guide

December 27, 1947
Randolph Scott
Dorothy Hart
Barbara Britton
January 2, 1947
Monte Hale
Adrian Booth
Clayton Moore
January 3, 1947
Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Andy Devine
January 9, 1947
Gene Autry
Sterling Holloway
Peggy Stewart
William Henry
January 10, 1947
Dorothy Lamour
Mary Astor
Jon Hall
January 16, 1947
Jon Hall
Michael O'Shea
Evelyn Ankers
Lad Remembers
Jesus' Birthday

"Mary Christmas to Joey"—
presents from Aunt Susie, and
from Mother, from Daddy,
from baby sister, and Gradnma,
and on and on . . . There were
so many that Joey was almost
lost in the pile. He couldn't
decide which he liked the best,
so he just sat there, eyes
shining with all the happiness
of a seven year old on Christ-
mas day.

But suddenly he remembered.
His surprise present! No one
else knew about the present
hidden away in the corner. It
was his surprise, and a very
special one, too. He jumped up
and handed it to his mother.

"Why, what's this, Joey?"
she exclaimed, smiling at the
grotesque package. It was
obviously the work of an
amateur, for the card was
clumsily lettered and the white
string tied in a smudged,
brownish knot. The gift itself
bore a strong resemblance to a
familiar stuffed bear wrapped
in blue tissue paper.

Then, abruptly, his mother
stopped smiling. With a queer
expression on her face, she
thrust the surprise package at
Joey's father, and turned away.
Joey's father, too, suddenly
looked tense as he glanced at
his son and then read aloud,
"Happy birthday to Jesus, from

Happy Birthday — Merry
Christmas! In all the excite-
ment of the day, Joey had not
forgotten. Christmas is Jesus'
birthday. The story of the
Christ-child lying in a manger
was reven more real to him than
the story of Santa Claus. His

[article continues col. 4, middle section]

love for God's Son, that won-
derful first Christmas gift, was
wrapped up in the boyish offer-
ing of a favorite toy.

Sometimes, in the rush of last
minute plans, we forget the
message brought by the angels
that first Christmas night,
"For unto you is born this
day . . . a Saviour, which is
Christ the Lod." A Saviour
was born! God's Son, sent to
live among men and die for
their sins, had come at last.

The Christmas story in Luke
2 is a beautiful one. Not only
is it beautiful in a literary
sense, but in the depths of
divine love which it reveals to
those who believe in the
Saviour. Christmas is far more
than a holiday for exchanging
gifts. Christmas is truly the day
of "good tidings of great joy,
which shall be to all people,"
for it is the birthday of Christ
the Lord.

(Copyright, 1947, Moody Bible
Institute, Chicago)

[column 4, top section]


Since Christmas is here, and
no longer "just around the cor-
ner", may we take this oppor-
tunity to wish for you, our
readers, the very happiest
Christmas you ever had, with
health, happiness, and pros-
perity in the New Year.

We hope this Christmas will
be for you one of those jolly
times when all the "kith and
kin" get together for a bounti-
ful Christmas dinner, with an
exchange of greetings and
gifts. Too, we hope there will be
for you a beautifully lighted
tree as a visible sign to all who
pass your way that there is a
fine spirit at Christmas time,
typified by the Christ-Child, the
Prince of Peace, who empha-
sized the brotherhood of men.

And may we wish for you
something else — the joy of
sending and receiving Christ-
mas cards during the holiday
season. There is nothing which
adds more to Christmas
cheer than mail boxes stuffed
with greetings from relatives,
friends, and, often, mere ac-

But since is is not possible to
mention all the good things we
wish for you during the holiday
season, we will quote from "A
Christmas Tree" the following
lines, and call them our Christ-
mas wish for you: "My best
of wishes for your merry
Christmasas and your happy
New Years, your long lives and
your true prosperities. Worth
twenty pound good if they are
delivered as I send them. Re-
member! Here's a final pre-
scription added, "To be taken
for life."
[column 4, bottom paragraphs]

How fleet is a glance of the
Compared with the speed of its
The tempest itself lags behind,
And the swift-winged arrows of
—By William Cowper
Music hath charms to soothe
the savage beast,
To soften rocks, or bend a
knotted oak.
By William Cosgrove

[column 5]

Of Dr. Clinton Arthur Henson.
The Lord Commissions and The
Lord Recalls.

WHEREAS our Heavenly
Father in his infinite and
boundless wisdom and love, has
been pleased to recall from our
midst, and from the cares and
trials of this mortal life, our
esteemed friend and neighbor,
Dr. Clinton Arthur Henson.

Woman's Missionary Union and
the T. E. L. Sunday School
Class of the Slater Baptist
Church: That while we deeply
and sincerely mourn the re-
moval of our dear friend and
brother from our daily contact
in life, yet we humbly and
lovingly submit to His will; and
express our heartfeld gratitude
for the daily noble service this
our brother has rendered to us.
His unfeigned friendship and
beautiful and inspiring ex-
ample we cherish as a blessed

We are profoundly thankful
that while in this Life all is not
joy, yet in death all is not

Though he slumbers, yet he

Our Missionary Society, our
Sunday School Class, our
Church, and our Community
have lost one of the most
worthy citizens they could lose.

May He who knows and
understands all, grant unto the
family, loved ones and friends
of our departed brother, all
comfort in this their sorrow and
loss, and strengthen them and
us all in the faith and assurance
of the ressurection morn.

We hereby tender to the
family and loved ones of him
of our number who has gone on
before, never to return to us,
our deepest and most sincere
expressions of love and sym-
pathy in this hour of sorrow
and trial.

The following letter was
written by Bessie A. Goldsmith,
Supervisor of Colored Schools
in Greenville County, to J. H.
Barnett, Superintendent of Sla-
ter-Marietta Schools"

"Route #2
Simpsonville, S. C.
December 11, 1947

"Superintendent J. H. Barnett
Slater-Marietta Schools
Marietta, S. C.

Dear Mr. Barnett:

"The Negroes of this county
are extremely grateful to you
and your associates for the
beautiful new brick school
which you have built for us.
There is simply nothing like it

"There are no words that
can express how blessed and
honored we are, but we hope
we can show our gratitude by
taking care of it and by trying
to be worthy of your amazing

"I wanted to be present at
the opening Monday night,
but was on program at our
Congressional District meet-
ing in Spartanburg at the
same time. We thank you.

Respectfully yours,
Bessie A. Goldsmith"
Such sweet compulsion doth
in music lie.
—By John Milton

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