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The Great Wall of China.

We boast our modern engineering achievements but the Great Wall of China should make us humble. This wall is 2000 miles long and was built to keep out the barbarians of the north and prevent them from overrunning China. In the days when artillery was unknown, the wall was an effective defense and served its purpose for many, many years.

This great wall, according to astronomers, is the only work of men on the earth which would be visible to the human eye from the moon. The materials used in its construction are sufficient to build a wall around the earth at the Equator, eight feet high and three feet thick.

The Great Wall “writhes along the mountain peaks, dips deep into valley and canyon, and pursues its desolate way across wind-swept plateau and desert sands. Its myriad cloud-capped towers ‘stand in solemn stillness, where they were stationed twenty centuries ago, as though condemned to wait the march of Time until their builders return.”

The wall is 25 feet thick at the base, 15 feet thick at the top, and is from 15-30 feet high. It has 20,000 towers and 10,000 signal beacons.

[photograph of the Great Wall of China]


This is the section of the Long Rampart which is most familiar to the tourist. The Pass is a much-used caravan route from China into Mongolia.

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