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Shelby County Museum & Archives

The Shelby County Museum & Archives is a historical institution located in Columbiana, Alabama, dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history and heritage of Shelby County. It serves as a repository for various historical documents, artifacts, photographs, and records related to the county's past. The museum features exhibits highlighting different aspects of Shelby County's history, including its early settlement, development, industries, notable figures, and cultural heritage. Additionally, the archives provide resources for genealogical research, offering access to records such as county records, newspapers, family histories, and more. The museum and archives play a vital role in educating the public about the rich history of Shelby County and preserving its heritage for future generations.
Shelby County, AL Deed Books Referencing Enslaved People
Several of the Deed Books archived at the Shelby County Museum & Archives include mentions of enslaved individuals. Transcribing these pages will provide valuable insight into the historical significance of slavery and ensure accessibility to these records for all researchers and visitors.
Loose Court Records Referencing Enslaved People
Loose Court Records Referencing Enslaved People
The Shelby County Museum & Archives houses over twenty thousand packets of Loose Court Case Records. Following a meticulous page-by-page examination of these cases, we have curated a collection focusing on cases involving enslaved individuals. The next phase of our project involves...