For this his many letters shew -- they appear as if written
by an elder, instead of younger brother, & are
replete with virtuous Sentiments & good advice. --

His brother died in Tortola shortly after his return
& he never ceased during his whole life to lament
his loss, & to speak of him with tenderness & feeling. *--

His father died young, & his mother afterwards married
a Cap [Baillie?] & then Capt Tho. Thomason by whom
she had a Son named James B. Thomason, who was
educated at Eton -- returned to Tortula -- & married
Miss Maria [Bourk?] of St Croix -- by whom he had
four Children -- two of whom are still living. *--

After he obtained his Degrees, at the University of
Edinburgh he went to Paris to finish his Studies &
there became acquainted with the first persons of
fashion & science, particularly the Countess of Bearn [= =?]
harvois celebrated as an authoress, & of whom it might
be said I suppose (as of Lady Montrevor in the Wild Irish boy)
"Always living in the blaze of Courts, & in the centre
"of splendid admiration, her form & manners present
"the reflextion of all that is attractive in Grace, or

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