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deprive her, whom he loved, of every gratification, however valued, which
did not proceed directly from himself. Yet, much depends on disposition,
if we have been in the habit of imparting every idea, that which
has powerfully [impressed ?] the mind and which frequently employs the
thought, will be perpetually in danger of escaping from the lips, in the
moments of unguarded converse. And though constant watchfulness
may enable us to pressure our thirst, yet the desire of concealment
will be too evident to remain unobserved, and this unaccustomed
reserve, may awaken suspicion, that irreconcilable enemy to enjoyment.
This could not be the case with me. Were I to remark any such
unreasonable expectations I would express them immediately. "Beware
of underlying immoderate wishes, if you are desirous of knowing any
thing that respects myself, you shall be gratified, but what
relates to my friend, shall be forever confined to my own bosom.

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