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Yesterday brought me a sweet letter from Mary Smith. Ms. Higginson wishes me to write by [?], but I do not imagine I shall have time. Well, you want to hear of Mr. Brown, he is well, visits me frequently, and often enquires after you. He had written another novel. It is the history of a female reduced from affluence to poverty. He says he is very desirous to know my opinion of her conduct. It will be published in a month. When you have read it, let me know yours [and ?] we will make comparisons. The name is "Ormond, or the Secret Witness." His friends in New York wish him to become the editor of a monthly magazine, they think it will afford him a comfortable support. He will be aided by Dr. J W Miller, Dr. [Mil ?], Dr. [?], J W Hopkins, I believe they have opened the subscription, I hope they will meet with success. A magazine so respectably supported, cannot be otherwise [then?] valuable.

I do not see Mr. [Bleecker ?] very often. I like him as well as [?] [?], but I fancy that is not the case with him. If he be not happy and [contented ?], he is well [?] in the art of concealing his feelings. I have not heard of his beautiful little favourite since my return. But one doubts he has written to you about her. He told me had written, and when I enquired the subject, answered "I do not know [?] [?] that what people say when they do not want to tell?" Ms. Higgison says, he has the handsomest face she ever saw. Mr. McIntosh arrived, a day or two since, [?] [?] [?] it is said he and his wife will return to Savanah. Ms. Liney has arrived. She is Maria's favorite sister, and will compensate for the loss of Mrs. [Ma ?]. Remember me to Mr. A Bayard and Mrs. [Pe ?]

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