comprend--a voice which they cannot hear.

Even the waving of a branch--the humming of an inset the fall of a raindrop,
have a meaning & a charm for the fond enthusaist of nature.

The dewy freshness of morning, the lengthning shadows of evening
the brightness of the sunny landscape--the gloom of the deep forest
the sighing of the breeze or the roaring of the tempest, all--all
had charms for Julia. Often when some one has seen
her gazing on the setting sun--or the moon sailing amidst
silver clouds, or watching the gathering storm & listening in
wrapt attention to the dashing torrent or roaring winds, they have
exclaimed "Silly & romantic creature, surely she is half
deranged," Julia instead of resenting their ridicule, woud pity
their insensibility & wonder how creatures not blind &
deaf, could witness such scenes, or listen to such sounds without
emotion. In her disposition she had a treasure, which
sordid wealth could not bestow, & while she gazed with
rapture on the hills--the plains--the forest that spread around
She was richer in her perceptions of their beauty, than their
owners were in the possession of the soil.

On this delightful day--her soul exulted in these enviable
stores of wealth. Sometimes her eyes wandered over the distant
hills--half hid in mist sometimes rested on the tender verdure of the
lawn, the bursting buds of the shrubbery, or the [?]
of the willow when drooping branches waved in the vernal
breeze, until her bosom swelled with desires, that it seemed
to her all the joy of earth could not satisfy & instinctively
she would turn her ardent gaze to heaven & wish that
her bursting sighs could waft her soul to those happier
regions. For hours would she fix her eyes on the white
& fleecy clouds which were floating over the blue expanse;
watch their varying forms & pursue them in their airy

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