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February 7, 1955

Mr. Charles Pollard Allen, Jr.

744 Dubois Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dear Mr. Allen:

I'm very grateful to you for lending me the biography of Charles Teed Pollard, one of the early trustees of the University of the South and one of your ancestors. I have looked through this thesis and have made some notes which will be useful to me in the publication of my second volume of Sewanee history. I had wondered why Mr. Pollard had not continued his active interest in the University of the South, and I now suspect it was because of the blindness of his wife. Without some such reason as that, it would have appeared logical that he would have continued his interest after the Civil War.

Did I understand you to say we could keep in our archives this manuscript? If you intended that we should return it, please let me know and I will get it on its way to you immediately. If you have another copy and do not mind our retaining this one, we would be delighted to have it because we try to save material which is connected with our early trustees.

I am about to leave on a month's vacation and you won't be hearing from me again for awhile, but when I return I think I will have some interesting information to relay to you. I have received several answers to my various queries. If you and I keep working at it, we will know something about the Chitty family before we are through.

With all good wishes form Sewanee, I am
Sincerely yours,
Dictated by Mr. Chitty but transcribed and signed in his absence.

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