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No.NameAgeColorCountyCrimeYearsEyesHairHeight(Additional Comments if needed)
Ed.2 Men Recd May 8 1894
1Wesley Coffman18ColHammonH.B. + Larcy.1 1/2Hazeno5-3Scr on rite Kee-cosed by a cord-hook
2Gor Coffman28ColHammonH.B. + Larcy.1 1/2Hazeyes5-5Scr on rite ?, Scr on left wrist 3in, Scr on Left arm, Scr on Left ankle, Scr on Rite big toe
56 Recd from ?reman May 17 - 1894
1John WilliamsCShelbyBurg.8
2Willam AlexanderCShelbyLar.5
3Teney CoalCDavisonMurder21
4John RafordCShelbyLar.6
5Foster MelutchenCFayettLar.5
6Fred FongCShelbyMurder20
7Joe WilamsCShelbyM Shooting5
8John BrownCShelbyLar.10
9Jim WadkinsCFayettAt Rape21
10Willam HindCFayettMurder10
11Blorane WillsonCShelbyLar.7
12John JohnsonCFayettLar3
13Will HomesCShelbyMurder10
14Will WatsonCShelbyH.B. + G. Lar.10Next page starts with man#34, so a page is missing

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