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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
37 Tms. Cheatham C Davidson 3
39 Andrew Swofford C Tipton 10
40 Jms Austin C Davidson 3
41 Wm Walker C Weakley 1
E42 Bob Brown C Madison 1 ?
E43 Jacob Burns C Hawkins 12
?? Albert White C Shelby 1
45 Jas. Vaughn C Davidson 1
46 Charley Hill C Davidson 1
E47 Charley Draper C Wilson 2
48 Lee Williams C Danelson 2
48 Richard alias Dick Hall C Johnson 3 This entry voided; it is lined through
49 Henry Weakley C Rutherford 1
50 Henry Wilson C Davidson 4 1/2

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