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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
6 New Men received Dec. 24 1894
Complexion; Nativity
E1 John Williams 19 C Washington Larceny Brown yellow; Tenn
? William Harle 34 C Jefferson Murder 10 Brown yellow; Tenn
? Joe Paris 18 C Jefferson Lar. 1 Brown yellow; Tenn
? Robt. Hale 22 C Washington Campbell Lar 5 Brown yellow;Tenn
? William Mathews 24 C Washington Lar. 5 Brown yellow; Tenn
? Jm Henry? Bailey 35 C Washington Lar 2 1/2 Brown yellow;Tenn

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Ann Bradley

In Remarks column, semi-colons were added which did not exist in the original document to separate the entries for Complexion and Nativity. Check marks after the mens' names were not transcribed as they had no meaning.