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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
50 Men received from Main Prison Dec 31st 1894
1E Frank Harris C Shelby Larceny
2E Jas. McLin C
3E Henry Bragg C
4E Albert Cunnyham C
5E Henry Brimm + C
6E Sam Wahshouse? + C
7E Jim Comer + C
? Dan Allen + C
? Wash Brown + C
E10 Columbus Bose + C
? Ed. Van + C
E2 Geo. Closk?alias Jim Pullam + C
?13 John Stockard + C
1E Jm. W Green + W
15E Chas. Jones + C
16Z Ed Nunn + C
17E Henry Forest + C
15E Charleton Bond +

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Ann Bradley

There were some check-marks in the age column. They were not transcribed because the program would not accept the special character.