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No.NameAgeColorCountyCrimeYearsEyesHairHeight(Additional Comments if needed)
13 New Men Recd Apr 8 95
1+John Lile w231CockeLarceny5.7 1/2Single. Labor Limited E
2xPery Miller w341GrangerLarceny5 . 6Married Cooke. Limited
3xJohn Lenorred w341GrangerLarceny5 . 8 1/2Married. Labor. no
4+Louis Miller w271GrangerLarceny5 7Married. Labor. Limet
5+Thomas York w22?vCockeLarceny5 7 1/2Married. Labor Limit
6xHenery Clemans. c27v?CockeLarceny5 7no Blacksmit. Limet
7xWalter Colman. c15vSulivanShoutuoff Mulious5.5no. Labor. Limet
8xcharle Ray c32vSulivanLarceny5.5 1/2no RR. no
9+Jim Smith c18vCockeLarceny5. 6no. Labor. no
10xBurt Lidle c30vCockeRape5.8 1/2no. ?ork. no
11xWalter Girty d29VSulvanRobey5.5no. Barber yes
12xJames Chisolmas c22vCockeLarcey -6.1no Labor Limted
13+Frank McSwees?28VCockeLarcey5.1no Labor no
Discu? Lo?? Sect. Apr 11, 95

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Ann Bradley

The column titled "color" was used for a mark which often looked like a check mark, sometimes the letter v or number one. This program does not allow the insertion of the check mark character.