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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
1 Sam Asworth col Davidson Lar & Asl't
2 Will Austin col Morgan Robbery
3 John Andrews white Washington Forgery
4 Henry Adley col Shelby Larceny
5 Giles Adams col Shelby Burglary
6 Thos. Allen white Jefferson Larceny
7 Fred Andrews white Davidson Larceny
8 Chas Anderson col Humphries Pet Larceny
9 Wolord Avery col Crockett Larceny
10 Marshall Alexander col Hamilton Larceny
11 Chas Buchannon col Davidson Robbery
12 Curron Byrd white Hawkins Murder
13 Mark Bates col Shelby G Larceny
14 Robert Bass col Davidson Larceny
15 Jms. H Biggers col Harding Asslt to Rape
16 Wm Birchfield white Dyar Brg and Lar
17 Luke Butler col Rutherford Lar and Burg
18 Chas Bailey col Knox Manslter
19 Early Brazil col Gibson? Abduction
20 Tom Brown alias Cooper col Sullivan Larceny
21 Frank Burns white Coffee Robbery
22 Bud Brown alias Ben Brown col Knox Birg & Lar
23 Will Byrd alias Burt col Hamilton Larceny
24 John Baker white Rhea Bigamy
25 P. A Barlain white Hamilton G Lar
26 Jas. Black col Montgomery Pet Lar
27 Ed Brown white Shelby Lar
28 Flein? Bectoll col Shelby Larceny
29 Martin Byers col Knox H B and Lar
30 D J Beets white Knox Larceny
31 Jim Brown alias Alex Brown col Hamilton Burglary
32 Jas Brewer white Carter Larceny
34 Flovin? Butler col Shelby Larceny
35 Phil Bond col Tipton Larceny
36 Wm. Burton col Shelby Larceny
37 JS Bates white Bedford Larceny
38 Lank Brammett alias Brummett white Knox -----------------------
39 John Boyd col Jefferson H.B & Lar
40 Sam Boyse col Jefferson H.B & Lar
41 Ed Burbers col Madison Assl't and Bat
42 Frank Butler alias Frank Buder? col Madison Pet. Lar
43 Elmore Boxley col Davidson Pet. Lar
44 Logan Button white Giles Larceny
45 Jas. Brooks white Weabley Housebreaking
46 This. Bomer? Borner? col Madison Pet Lar
47 Geo. Bond alias Joe W Dyer Lar
48 Jas H. Bussell W Claiborne Rape
49 John Bills C Hardeman Larceny
50 Chas Bright C Hamilton Larceny
51 Jim Brown C Davidson Larceny
52 Mack Burclely? Burckely? C Shelby Murder
53 Andrew Bowner C Shelby Larceny
54 Elias Bowen C Henderson Pet Lar.
55 Elijah Bowen C Henderson Pet Lar.
56 Sam Bergh W Bedford H.B and Lar.
57 John Bowner C Polk Fel. Assl't
58 John Bledsoe C Davidson Lar + R S Goods
59 John Brooks C Hamilton Lar
60 Elijah Barton W Monroe Lar
61 Jim Bottles C Scott Lar
62 Joe Cranford W Lincoln Larceny
63 Ed Cason C Obion Larceny
64 John Carter C Davidson Arson
65 Wm. Cole C Shelby Larceny
66 Chas Currie C Haywood Rape
67 Jms?Currey C Haywood Murder
68 Ben Clarke C Fayette Malicious Stabbing
69 Chas. Cleveland C Hamilton Larceny
70 SS Campbell C Hamilton Larceny
71 Will Cole C Hamilton Larceny
72 John Cann Jr? W Giles Burglary
73 Ed Coleman C Knox Fel Asslt
74 John Cleectlcus? W Claiborne Lar.
75 Sam L Cannon alias Welch W Knox G. Lar.
76 Samil ? Carter C Knox H B + Lar
78 Rust Cooper alias Rich C Knox Larceny
79 Chas Clay C Hamilton Larceny
80 Horace Cross C Shelby Fel Asslt

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