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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
159 George Hicks W Green Horse stealing
160 Chas Hall C Lincoln Larceny
161 Wm. Hamilton C Knox H B and Lar
162 Wm alias Joseph Huffaker C Knox Larceny
163 Sam Hicks C Bradley Larceny
164 John Henry C Knox Forgery
165 Lee Hall W Hamilton Robbery
166 Allen Harris C Hamilton Burglary
167 Jos. Hall W Johnson Larceny
168 George Holt W Bradley Larceny
169 Wm. Hutchisson C Knox H B + Lar
170 Jim Hayes C Shelby Pet Lar
171 Jms Harvery alias Texas Jack C Shelby Murder
172 Geo. Hudson alias Washington C Hamilton Larceny
173 Chas Holt alias Drew W Washington Larceny
174 Thos. Hill alias Gross W Union Manslter
175 Marsh Hopkins alias Mart C Davidson Larceny
176 J A Henkel W Washington Fel Asslt
177 Wm. Hillman C Shelby Pet Lar
178 Mack Harris C Tipton Larceny
179 Watson Hibler C Shelby Forgery
180 Frank alias Henry Hamlett W Obion Larceny
181 Jim Harris C Dyer Larceny
182 Sam H Henry C Blount Incest
183 Jack Harris C Hamilton Burglary
184 Robt Harris C Fayette Larceny
185 Chas Heath C Hardeman Larceny
186 Chas Harris C Knox Larceny
187 Ed Hammonds C Bedford Larceny
189 Dave Holliburton C Louderdale Lar + RSP
190 John Hayes C Louderdale H B and Lar
200 Will Husky C Davidson Pet Lar
201 Lee Hunt W De Kalb Larceny
202 Ben alias Shinney ? Harris C Rutherford Larceny
203 Pleo? Hickerson alias Pleserous? W Granger Larceny
204 Jas Henry alias Ben Brown C Granger Larceny
205 Wm. Hoback W Roane Forgery
206 ?? Hamberger W Hamilton Larceny
207 Peham? Richard ? Harper C Hamilton Larceny
208 Larkin Holman W Hawkins Bigamy
209 D L Holler W Knox G Lar
210 R A Hoyt W Knox Forgery
211 J A alias Andy Hodge W Sullivan Larceny
212 Gus Irvin C Hamilton Mur and Mansl'tr
213 Green Isler? Joler? C Lake H B + Lar
214 John Irving C Davidson Larceny
215 Grant Irving C Warren Larceny
216 Yank Inman C Knox H B + Lar
217 Jim Johnson C Rutherford Assl't to Mur
218 Bill Johnson C Madison G Lar
219 A? ? K Jones C Shelby F Pret + Lar.
220 George Jones C Shelby Assl't to M
221 T? S Johnson W Madison Assl't to M
222 Frank James C Lincoln Burglary
223 Will Johnson C Shelby Murder
224 Elliott Jackson C Davidson H B + Lar
225 Bud Johnson C Bradley Larceny
226 Steven Jones W Dyer Larceny
227 Will Johnson C Lewis Assl't to Rape
228 Abe Jemison C Robertson Assl't to Mur
229 Will Johnson C Hamilon Car breaking
230 Robert Jobe W Carter Forger
231 Dave Johnson W Giles Lar + Burg
232 Jlse Johnson C Shelby Asslt to Mur
233 J. R. Jones W Weakley Larceny
234 Warren alias Wm Jackson C Hamilton Larceny
235 Joe Johnson C Wilson Arson
286 Boss Jones C Haywood Lar + Burg
287 Chas Jones C Sullivan Larceny
238 Chas Jones C Fayette H B and Lar.
289 Joe Jackson alias Peterson C Shelby Burglary
240 Jas. Johnson alias W? W?rkl?? C Madison Lauderdale LBurglary
241 Mack Jackson C Shelby H B + Lar
242x Jlse Johnson C Shelby Asslt to Mur. Oct 31-92
243 Jim Jones C Rutherford Larceny
244 Ed Johnson W Hamilton Burglary
245 Lewis Johnson C Hamilton Burglary
246 Geo. Jackson C Bradley G Lar

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