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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
247 John Jackson C Bradley G Lar
248 Bob Jackson C Hawkins Lar
249 Sam Jackson C Fayette H B + Lar
250 Ross Johnson C Bedford Shooting Rc??
251 Andrew Jones C Rutherford Larceny
252 John Jackson C Montgomery H B + Lar
253 Raleigh Jack W McMinn Arson
254 Henry Jones C Knox H B + Lar
255 George Kimbro C Roane Mansl'ter
256 R H alias Pig? Prg? Kelly C Hamilton Robbery
257 Bob Kyle C Hamilton Larceny
258 W W Kirtley W Wayne Larceny
259 Sam King C Knox Larceny
260 Homer Keys W Washington Larceny
261 John Keith C McMinn Larceny
262 Chas Kelly C Hamilton Larceny
263 John Lightner C Shelby Stolen Prop.
264 Bob Johnson C Montgomery G. Lar.
265 Geo. Johnson C Shelby Larceny
266 James Lewis C Knox Robbery
267 Tom Lewis C Shelby Larceny
268 James Luster C Hamilton Larceny
269 George Lee C Hamilton Burglary
270 Will Lane C McMinn Fel Assl't
271 Shedrick Lee C Lauderdale Larceny
272 John Lewis C Hamilton Burglary
273 Joe Lane W Maury Burglary
274 W R Lancaster W Montgomery H B
275 Jms H Lyman C Shelby H B + Lar
276 Rob't Lewis C Lauderdale Larceny
277 Thos. Ledford C Stewart Fel Assl't
278 Ben Long W Clay G Lar
279 Geo Lawrence C Hamilton R S Goods
280 Tom Lancaster C Knox Att to Commit
281 Henry Lewis C Scott Fel Assl't
282 Isaac Morer C Lauderdale Burg + Lar
283 Jim Morris C Shelby H B
284 Joe McLean C Bedford Murder
285 Tom Montgomery C Shelby Assl't to Murder
286 Monroe Miller alias ?ur??ll C Hamilton Larceny
287 J K alias Joe Mullins W Meigs Incest
288 Mat Miller C Bedford Arson
289 Jas Mattock C Shelby Larceny
290 John Massey C Lincoln H B
291 Horace Miller C Maury Burglary
292 Andrew Mebane alias Maybe C Fayette Larceny
293 J C Moore W Henderson Larceny
294 Wm Matlock C Monroe Larceny
295 Wm Maywether C Hamilton Larceny
296 Joe Marks C Shelby Larceny
297 Fayette Meeks C White H B
298 Eli Moore C Shelby Larceny
299 Robt Martin C Washington Larceny
300 John Malone C Davidson Attempt Mur
301 Henry Moore C Shelby Larceny
802 Chas Moseby C Shelby H B + Lar
303 Will Montgomery C Marshall Larceny
304 Felix Mays C Hamilton Larceny
305 Mack Matthews W Knox Attempt to Mur
806 Don McQuiston? Mc Luiston? C Tipton Larceny
807 Roan Mc Carry C Madison Pet Lar
808 Julius McDade C Shelby False Pret
809 Clifford McGill C Hamilton Larceny
310 Joe McQueen C Johnson G Larceny
811 John McLamore C Shelby Larceny
312 T H McLeod W Lauderdale H B + Lar
313 Ben McGhee C Shelby Larceny
314 James McCalley C Hamilton Larceny
315 Tobe McDonald C Smith Larceny
816 Will McGinnis C Marshall Larceny
317 Joe McClellan C Hamilton Car Breaking
318 Marion Noe W Claiborne Murder
319 Henry Norris C Hamilton Car Breaking
320 Alex Nolan W Giles Lar + Burg
321 Walter Nelson W Washington Larceny
322 Geo Nance W Lauderdale Larceny

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