Roll 12 Volume 41 Left Side Set 4

Two columns of names are written on each page, but need to be transcribed as one column




No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
396 J A Smith C Morgan Robbery
397 Frank alias Chicago Smith W Shelby H. B.
398 Geo. Staples C Hamilton --------------
399 Frank E Smith alias J.A. Winney W Knox Bigamy
400 Thos. Spillain alias Splan W Knox H B + Lar
401 W T. Strickland W Wayne Arson
402 W T. Shoptam W Shelby H. B + Lar
403 Jesse Spain C Shelby Larceny
404 Geo. Smithson W Marshall Horse st
405 Will Skinner C Knox Larceny
406 Jacob Shankel W Sullivan Fel Asslt
407 C R alias James Swafford W James Larceny
408 James Sissemore W Knox -------------
409 Luther Smith C Davidson Larceny
410 Geo Sullivan C Madison G Lar
411 Harrison Spraggus C Shelby Larceny
412 Will Sullivan C Dyer Larceny
413 Abe Seay C Smith Perjury
414 Jim Smith C Madison Pet Lar
415 Alfred Shorter C Shelby Asslt to M
416 Burton alias Claiborne Smith C Haywood Fel Asslt
417 John Smith alias Leonard W Hamilton Carrying B Tools
418 Bright Swain C Hamilton Burglary
419 Ed Searcy C Davidson Largceny
420 James Smithson W Franklin G Lar
421 Jonas Smith alias Joe Brown C Fayette Murder
422 Wm Smith C Davidson Asslt to M
423 Matt Sweatman W Harding Asslt to M
424 Alex Sloan C Smith Larceny
425 Andy Spitzer W Hawkins Burglary
426 John alias Joe Sears C Hamilton Larceny
427 Fred Staples C Knox Attemt to Rape
428 Jack Turner C Shelby Burg + Lar
429 Addison Toles C Shelby Robbery
430 Will Thompson C Shelby Larceny
431 Walter Thompson C Knox H B + Lar.
432 Adolphus Thompson C Knox H B + Lar.
433 Wm Tate alias Wm Pate C Knox Larceny
434 W H Thompson W Knox Larceny
435 Wm Tate C Shelby Burglary
436 Joe Taylor C Shelby Larceny
437 Lewis Thompson C Shelby Forgery
438 Geo Taylor C Shelby Burg + Lar
439 Lawrence Turner C Shelby Larceny
440 Sal? Sol? Tolley C Davidson Larceny
441 Bud Thompson C Rutherford Larceny
442 Dudley Taylor C Shelby Larceny
443 Will Tucker C Fayette Larceny
444 Indian Tom alias Doctor C Maury Larceny
445 John Thomas C Maury Larceny
446 George Thompson C Davidson Larceny
447 Wm. Tucker C Davidson Asslt to Mur
448 Robert Threat C Davidson Larceny
449 Fenner Temple C Madison H B + Burg
450 Ike Taylor C Morgan Larceny
451 Tom Vance C Bedford Arson
452 Tom Underwood W Rutherford Bigamy
452 Jack Vaughn W Davidson Larceny
453 Sam Vail W Humphries Rape + Incest
454 Frank Walton C Shelby Burglary
455 Will Williams C Shelby Larceny
456 Lewis Willis C Shelby Larceny
457 J.C. Wheeler W Sumner Horse Stealing
458 Jms A. Wilson W Hawkins Incest
459 Bob Wheeler C Shelby Asslt to Mur
460 Tom Wrode C Fayette Larceny
461 Ruben Wheeler C Davidson Robbery + Lar
462 Rube Whitlorn C Shelby Forgery
463 Charley West C Shelby Larceny
464 Ed Wray C Davidson H B.
465 Jim Wilson C Obion Obstg R R
466 Henry Wilson C Knox H B + Lar
467 Oliver White C Knox Larceny
468 Wm White C Knox Larceny
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No. Name Age Color County Crime Years Eyes Hair Height (Additional Comments if needed)
469 Alfred Wilson ? Hamilton Robbery
470 John Wilson C Hamilton Burglary
471 Allen Waycaster W Carter Burg + Lar
472 Chas Watkins C Henderson H.B.
473 Henry Williams C Shelby Pet Lar
474 James Wells C Knox H B + Lar
475 Chas Williams C Carter Pet Lar
476 Ed Woods C Jefferson H B + Lar
477 Frank Walker C Shelby Larceny
478 Ike Walker C Madison Lar + Burg
479 Dave Webb C Henderson Pet Lar
480 John Wylie C Madison Pet Lar
481 Moore Williams C Montgomery H B + Lar
482 Chas Williams alias Walker C Shelby Larceny
483 Will Williams C Fayette + Larceny
484 Chas Wilson C Shelby H B + Lar
485 Wm. Wibb? alias Shorty C Shelby Larceny
486 Nels? Williams C Williamson Burglary
487 Robt Walton W Shelby Larceny
488 Geo Washington C Shelby Forgery
489 Robt Williams C Shelby Larceny
490 Jeff Waddington C Hamilton Larceny
491 John Watkins C Hamilton Fel Asslt
492 Richard Weaver C Shelby Larceny
493 Chas Walters W Shelby Larceny
494 A G W Wilson W Dyer Forgery
495 John Williams C Shelby Larceny
496 Geo Washington C Montgomery H B
497 Lee Walker C Granger Larceny
498 Ben Williams W Washington Larceny
499 Wm Wright W Shelby H B
500 Chas Williams C Davidson Larceny
501 Geo Williams C Hamilton H B + Lar
502 Gio Yancey W Bradley Bigamy
503 Robt Yancey C Shelby Larceny
504 Joseph Young C Cocke Incest
505 J H Young C Shelby Burglary
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