Bayou Lafourche

Apl. 7th, 1841

My beloved Sue:

I received your letter at New Orleans
& thank you for the good account you give
of your journey. I hope Ma gave to those
naughty young folks, who dared behave
so much amiss as to marry without her
consent, a patient hearing, & a kiss or two,
by way of forgiveness. I did my best for
them, & as a requital shall hold them bound
to be very civil to me from this out, & be
very good neighbours. Give my love to them &
say we shall be expecting them home very
soon, & that when they come they must bring
Ma & Sue back with them.

I thought I should have found time to
write you when in N.O. but had not. I
sent to Ma as a specimen of the growing
national extravagance, a certain paper, a cover-
lid which I hope she received. On its envelope
I marked the date when I was in N.O. I spent
near two weeks in the city the greater part
of the time Lucius was with me. He has
grown quite stout & weighs very nearly
as much as I do & you know that I am
now the heaviest man of the family. Lucius
I expect will ere long be rolling &

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Lane Oliver

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