canal. Shrubbery grow, finely, & the orange
is in perfection. You may say to George,
that we are at Mr. James{underlined} Porter's,{underlined}an acquain-
tance of his. He lives very comfortably & has
a fine estate. Mr. Porter has made very
particular enquiries for him. I hope myself
to see more of him.

We shall be here some time yet &
shall then go {insert symbol}up to Vicksburg & by way of
Mr. Madison's plantation home. I am
as you may suppose extremely anxious
to get to my own habitation and more
I am fatigued mind & body. And I
have promised myself & my
wife too that this is the last
time I shall be so long away
from her. I am told that all
my chickens are thriving fairly. Kate is
talking rapidly & Sally a perfect rose-bud.

Now dont you envy me the treat I
am to have in that said library, "riding
{illegible: gentleman?}", "running way will stage" &c.
I become sometimes so impatient I can hardly
wait a moment. But I must{underlined} look a little,
now I have finished my visitationof the Diocese,
after my private affairs. I shall write ma
before a great while. My love to her &
tell her I love her more & more every day. With my

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Lane Oliver

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