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The place chosen for the site is an elevation on
the plateau of the Cumberland mountain near the
Charleston & Nashville R. Road -- a very beautiful
locality of easy access, possessing all the {illegible} that
could be desired -- & the name is "The University
of the South." Many places were in nomination
& all thoroughly canvassed, & for many days. We
finally settled upon that which had been recommended
by the "Commission of Engineers" appointed by the
Committee on location, to investigate the matter.
The report of that committee, covering the report of
the Engineers, I transmit also. As to the name,
there were also differences of opinion, but as in the
discussion in regard to it throughout the region for
which it proposes mainly to provide, that, or its
synonime, had been fastened upon it, & had
become a{underlined} part{underlined} of{underlined} its{underlined} identity{underlined}, it was not
thought expedient to change it, & so it was adopted.

As to satisfying every variety of taste that was
not to be expected. We all know what we are
endeavoring to achieve, & the high motives which
as patriots & Churchmen actuate us, & we have
no fear of any misapprehension {insert symbol}from which time &
an elevated course of devotion to all our institutions,
local & general, cannot relieve us. Your excellent
Bishop, whose good sense entitles his opinions to
great respect, differed from me on the fitness

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