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(Letter from Bishop Polk to {struckthrough: Bishop} Mr Rayner) Dec. 3, 1857 -2-

tees were to report to an adjourned meeting at Montgomery, Ala.
on the 25th ult. A copy of the proceedings of the meeting on the
4th July with the admirable address of the Bishop of {struckthrough: Tampa}, Tennessee
(every word of which I endorse {all underlined}) I herewith send you. You will
perceive,while it looks to catering for our own immediate wants
{question mark in the margin} it breathes a spirit of broad √

The meeting at Montgomery has just been held. All
the Dioceses were represented. The old north state by a full
Delegation, with the exception of our friend Judge Ruffin,
whose absence I very much deplored. He was detained I've heard
{question mark in the margin} by the sickness of Mrs. √ Much differences of opinion
were expressed as to details, as was to be expected, but the
meeting was entirely harmonius & the results satisfactory. We
accomplished the two objects for which we met chiefly, to wit,
giving it"a local habitation", & a name". The place chosen for
the site is an elevation on the plateau of the Cumberland mountain
{illegible in the margin} near the {struckthrough: Charleston} Chattanooga & Nashville R. Road - a very beautiful locality
of easy access, possessing all the {illegible} that could be desired-
& the name is "The University of the South". Many places were in
{question mark in the margin} nomination√ & all thoroughly canvassed, & for many days. We fi-
nally settled upon that which had been recommended by the
{question mark in the margin} √ of Engineers" appointed by the committee on loca-
tion, to investigate the matter, the report of that committee,
covering the report of the Engineers, I transmit also. As to the
name, there were also differences of opinion, but as in the dis-
cussion in regard to it throughout the region for which it propo-
ses mainly to provide, that, or its synonyme , had been fastened
upon it, & had become a{underlined} part{underlined} of{underlined} its{underlined} identity{underlined}, it was not thought
expedient to change it, & so it was adopted. As to satisfying

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