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(Letter from Bishop Polk to {struckthrough: Bishop}Mr Rayner) -3-

a very variety of taste that was not to be expected. We all know
what we are endeavoring to achieve, & the high motives which as
patriots & Churchmen actuate us, & we have no fear of any mis-
apprehension from which time & an elevated course of devotion to
all our institutions, local & general, cannot relieve us. Your
excellent Bishop, whose good sense entitles his opinions to great
respect, differed from me on the fitness of the name, his solicitude
however, I am satisfied was unnecessary, & the future will justify
the widsom of the choice. The name was moved by the Bishop of Miss.
on the 4th July last.

We have now to secure a charter from {struckthrough: Europe}Tennessee, & then
go to work. The Bishop of Georgia & myself were appointed
commissioners with power to appoint subagencies, to raise the
necessary funds. We shall commence our work so soon as the fi-
nancial condition of the country has become settled. A gentleman
of Alabama came forward during the session of the Board of Trustees
{question mark in margin} & offered $25,000 as a subscription in aid of the measure{√}. Your
Dr. Warren of N. C. had already made a similar offer. We do not
think we shall find the country backward in making up the necessary
amount. And{underlined} I{underlined} hope{underlined} to{underlined} meet{underlined} you{underlined} on{underlined} the{underlined} ground{underlined} chosen,{underlined} at{underlined} the{underlined} first{underlined}
{question mark in margin} commencement.{underlined}{√} Give my love to Sue & the children, & tell Sue I am
staying at the house of Mrs. Gee the mother of her school mate.

Very truly yours

Leonidas Polk