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New Orleans Mar 22. 1858 --

My dear Elliott.

You have by this time I suppose
received the Charter as granted by the Legislature
of Tennessee. It is all we could wish. Of
perpetual duration & gives us permission to
receive any thing without limit. May we find
the hearts of the people prepared to give abundantly!

I found those Tennessee villagers who were
disappointed in not getting the site had resolved
to throw {illegible: obstructs?} in the way of our getting our
Charter before the Legislature, & as I had as
Chairman of the Comm. to secure the title to the
lands to go to Tennessee & see to that {illegible}-
{illegible}, I concluded at the close of our meeting
in March {illegible: 3?} to go at once. This I did. I
went to Winchester & examined the
Sewanee {illegible: region?} again after I found as I supposed
that story of the {illegible} -- {illegible} -- what
I anticipated -- about as formidable as the
Red Indians, that{underlined} used{underlined} to{underlined} be{underlined} there{underlined}. But I
suppose you have seen the report of the

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