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it rolling. But it is a dead failure. The
{illegible: talk?} is some of their fellows have no other
idea of our measurement than that it a thing
not of {illegible: while?} to{underlined} make{underlined} money{underlined}. And with them it
is simply "{illegible} {illegible} {illegible} {illegible}."{all underlined}

They have {illegible} up some others of {illegible: them?
who are opposed to a mountain location & may
have fallen in with their hue & cry but it can
amount to nothing. Among them is the {illegible} of
the {illegible} {illegible} a North Carolina man
living long enough in that state to think he
must go for Alabama in all things against the
world. I know him & have written him on
the subject. Some things I said {illegible: while} I {illegible}
you to see & as I have not time to write
him I send you the copy of the letter I {illegible}
to {illegible} -- if you can --. After you have read
it will you please return it to me.

By the by, I see your man has broken
ground in a Columbus {insert symbol}{illegible: Gov.?} paper The{underlined} {illegible underlined}
with a {illegible} flash of "amazement & horror at
the selection. The misfortune of his case is such
his {illegible} are all wrong. Where is he?
I suppose Hawks (William.) It has a very

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