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[Mar 22. 1858]

{illegible} of the site as soon as possible.

You see by this {illegible} {illegible: juris?} of Tracy we
got 2,500. acres out & out immediately
around Rowes Spring. The site we wish
this with other lands lying near that
spring & other springs near by which
we have secured from other parties
will give us about 4,000. acres entirely
ours now. Then the additional 2500.
which we hold &{underlined} control{underlined}, but if we
sell any part of it then we share
half the proceeds will give us control
of say 6,500 acres. This with the
other grants is a magnificant domain,
to say nothing of transportation facilities
coal &c, &c.

I shall signify my {illegible: more?} {illegible: assent?}
& hope shortly to receive your reply.

Arrangements are being made
to take all the Beersheba house
up the mountain on the Sewanee R.
Road this summer. The place to stop at
is Cowan just beyond the Tunnel.

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