Summit of Lookout Mt. Tenn,

July 30, 1857

[Dear?] Mary,

[?] are surprised at my locality, [?] must think me desperately [?] in my [?] for enjoying mountain life; but when we reached Chattanooga at 5 [?] oclock this evening, it was found that the dignitaries [of?] other Delegates were already the Mountain and carriages waiting at the [?] to take us up also. So we stepped in immediately and followed our illustrious [?] [diceprs?] [?] Davis however felt too much exhaustion for the [?] and remained at Chattanooga, to come up in the morning. [Bro?]. [Giegg?] [?], left our carriage soon after [commencing?] the ascent, and finished the journey on foot, relieving ourselves [?] and then by stopping to view the [?] as we gained a new elevation - occasionally

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