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SEC. 4. Whanever it shall come to his knowledge that any
Professor has been negligent of his duties, or has shown a want of
zeal in imparting instruction to his school, or in promoting the in-
terests of the University, he shall advise and remonstrate with
such Professor of the University. And should any such Professor
or other Officer of the University, be inattentive to the advice or
remonstrance of the Vice-Chancellor. the Vice-Chancellor shall,
after giving such Professor or Officer notice of his intention, and fur-
nishing him with a copy of the official statement he proposes to
make of the case, call the attention of the Board of Trustees to
the conduct of such Professor or Officer.

SEC. 5. The Vice-Chancellor shall have power to license board-
ing houses for the students, and to exercise a full supervision of
them through the Proctors, for the purpose of ascertaining whether
the regulations made for their order and discipline have been com-
plied with.

SEC. 6. The Vice-Chancellor shall cause to be prepared by the
Registrar, monthly reports of the conduct and scholarship of every
student, which he shall transmit to the parents or guardians of
such students.

SEC. 7. It shall be his duty to make a report to the Board of
Trustees at their annual session, on the general condition of the
University during the past year, and to suggest for their consid-
eration such alterations and improvements on any subject as shall
have been approved by the Hebdomadal Board. He shall also
present for the examination of the Board at its annual session, a
digest of the weekly reports of the Professors of the conduct and
scholarship of the students of their respective Schools, and shall
supervise the preparation of the annual calendar.

SEC. 8. The Vice-Chancellor, in case of absence or of incapac-
ity from illness or any other temporary cause, to discharge his du-
ties, shall have the power of appointing as his substitute any one
of the Professors. But should he fail to appoint a substitute, or
resign, or die, then the office shall be filled by the Hebdomadal
Board, from among the heads of Schools; and such person so ap-
pointed shall exercise the functions of the office until the removal
of the disability, or until the Board of Trustees shall have ap-
pointed a successor, and he shall have signified his acceptance, and
entered on the duties of his office.


SECTION 1. The plan of education in the University shall be by


separate schools for each branch of knowledge. Each school shall
be complete in itself, independent of all others, and devoted to im-
parting instruction in everything belonging to its department.

SEC. 2. At the head of each school, excepting those of theol-
ogy, law, and medicine, there shall be a Professor, to be elected
by the Board of Trustees. It shall be his duty to regulate the
studies of his school, for the character and success of which he
shall be held especially responsible; he shall engage personally in
instruction, by lectures, lessons, and written exercises, as he may
deem best. Frequent interrogation of a searching character shall
however, absolutely required.

SEC. 3. Each school shall be divided into sections of as many
students as may be conveniently or efficiently instructed, and no
more. The classing of the students into sections shall be regulated
by their attainments, to be determined by examination on their
application for admission. But they may be transferred from sec-
tion to section, up or down, according to the degree of proficiency
they shall from time to time exhibit.

SEC. 4. In the instruction of these sections the Professor shall
be aided by as many assistant Professors as may be necessary, who
shall be under his direction and control, and shall aid him in the
instruction and government of the students of his school while in
their section or lecture rooms.

SEC. 5. Each Professor shall be provided with a house, and
paid an annual salary of $3,000, by the University. This amount
may be increased by each Professor from his school tickets to a
sum not exceeding $5,000 annually. His tenure of office shall be
for five years, but he may be re-elected at the pleasure of the
Board of Trustees.

SEC. 6. The assistant Professors shall be appointed by the
Board of Trustees, upon a certificate of the Examiners of the Univer-
sity that they have been rigidly examined and are competent for their
office. They shall receive such lodging and salaries as the Board of
Trustees shall provide, shall be appointed for the term of five years,
and shall be re-eligible, but not without the recommendation of thee
Vice-Chancellor, and the heads of their respective schools. The
assistant Professors may be removed by the Vice-Chancellor, upon
the representaton of the Professors of their schools, for cause
shown. The reasons of such removal shall be reported to the
Board of Trustees at their annual meeting next ensuing.

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