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II. Greek Language and Literature.
III. Latin Language and Literature.
IV. Mathematics.
V. Physics.
VI. English Language and Literature.

SEC. 4. The degree of A. M. may be conferred on such individ-
uals as shall have passed the requisite examination for graduation
in the schools above mentioned, together with the following:

I. Metaphysics.
II. Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry.
III. Political Science.
IV. Rhetoric, Criticism, Elocution, and Composition.
V. French Language and Literature.
VI. The German, Spanish, or Italian Language and Literature,
as the student may elect.

Moreover, he must be able to speak the French Language with

SEC. 5. Fellowships in the University may be conferred by the
Board of Trustees on such Masters of Arts as have excelled in any
one of the following schools, to-wit: of Greek Language and
Literature, Latin Language and Literature, English Language and
Literature, Physics, Mathematics, Metaphysics, Chemistry, or
Natural Sciences.

Three Fellows may be elected every year, each of whom shall
have the use of a suite of rooms, free of rent, and $500 per annum.
The tenure of a Fellowship shall be for five years. If a Fellow
be elected to a Professorship or Assistant Professorship, he shall
vacate his Fellowhip. Every Fellow shall reside in the Univer-
sity, and may take pupils for private instruction, they being
matriculants of the University, and receive fees for such tuition at
a rate to be fixed by the Vice-Chancellor and the Hebdomadal
Board. The instruction given shall be always in the studies re-
quired by the University. They may be selected for examiners,
and shall perform the duties of that office whenever required by
the Hebdomadal Board.

SEC. 6. The degrees appropriate to the Professional Schools of
Theology, Law, and Medicine, shall be conferred for attainments
and distinctions, to be determined by the Professors of those
schools severally.

SEC. 7. The degrees of A. B. and A. M. shall be awarded by


the Hebdomadal Board, when approved by the Board of Trustees.
All honorary degrees shall be conferred by the Board of Trustees


SEC. 1. There shall be a Chaplain to the University, appointed
by the Board of Trustees, who shall fix his salary, and he shall
hold his office during the pleasure of the Board. He shall read,
every day, the Morning and Evening Prayer of the Church, in the
University Chapel, shall hold the usual public services on Sunday,
and shall have a general pastoral oversight of the officers and
students of the University.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the Assistant Professors, Fellows,
and students to attend morning or evening prayers. And it shall
be the duty of the students and all the Officers of the University to
attend the morning services on Sunday, and upon the Greater
Festivals ofthe Church.


There shall be a Librarian appointed by the Board of Trustees,
who shall hold his office for the term of five years, and who shall
be paid such salary and perform such duties as the Board of
Trustees shall prescribe.


The Curators of cabinets, the museum, etc., shall be appointed
by the Vice-Chancellor.


SECTION 1. The general duties of police shall be performed by
a Proctor, to be appointed by the Board of Trustees. He shall be
aided by as many assistants as may be necessary, who shall be
appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.

SEC. 2. It shall be the especial duty of the Proctor to exercise
a constant and careful surveillance over the conduct of the students,
and to report to the Vice-Chancellor all cases of infraction by them
of the regulations of the University.

SEC. 3. It shall also be his duty to visit at least once a week all
the boarding houses licensed by the Vice- Chancellor, and to ex-
amine into the good order, comfort and cleanliness of the rooms
and offices of the students. He shall make a report to the Vice-
Chancellor at least once a week. He shall account to the Treasurer
of the University for all matriculation fees he may have received.

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