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The Registrar, appointed by the Board of Trustees, shall be un-
the direction and supervision of the Vice-Chancellor. He shall
attend daily in his office throughout the University term, at such
hours as the Vice-Chancellor shall prescribe, and shall be in readi-
ness at all times, to attend the meetings of the Hebdomadal Board,
for the purpose of recording the minutes of its proceedings. He
shall keep a list of all the licensed boarding houses, also a list of
the names and residences of the students, arranged according to
their respective Schools, and shall furnish each Professor with a
list of the students in his department. He shall prepare and issue,
under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor, notices for meetings of
the Hebdomadal Board, and for other University purposes. He
shall digest the weekly reports of the Professors and Assistant
Professors, and shall, under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor
prepare the annual calendar. He shall, under the same direction,
prepare programmes of all meetings and examinations, and conduct
the correspondence of the University. He shall keep a record of
all transactions of the University; and, when required by the
Vice-Chancellor, shall prepare the official documents, shall pre-
serve copies thereof, and shall make copies of all other documents
which may be required.


The Treasurer of the University shall receive all funds from
diocesan Treasurers and from the Proctor, and shall collect such
rents due the University as may be returned to him by the Com-
missioner of Buildings and Lands. He shall make a full report
of the operations and condition of his department annually, or of-
tener if required.


The Auditor shall examine and audit all accounts of every des-
cription against the University. He shall critically examine and
report to the Comptroller, the amount properly payable upon every
account presented to him. He shall classify all accounts under
the different heads of expenditure, and keep a register of the na-
ture and amount of such account, which shall correspond with the
number of said account. He shall countersign all warrants drawn
upon the Treasurer, and shall keep a register of all such warrants
as he may have countersigned.



SECTION 1. The Comptroller shall re-examine all accounts re-
ported to him by the Auditor. He shall, if he approve the same,
enter his allowance thereon and draw his warrant on the Treasurer
for the amount of the same in favor of the individual to whom may
be payable. He shall carefully register all accounts and preserve
the originals and vouchers for future reference. He may draw a
warrant upon the Treasurer in favor of the Commissioner of Build-
ings and Lands, upon a requisition presented to him approved by
the Vice-Chancellor, which warrant shall be charged to the
account of such commissioner; provided that such payments have
been authorized by the Board of Trustees.

SEC. 2. The Comptroller shall annually report to the Committee
on Finance, ten days before the annual meeting of the Board of
Trustees, a full statement of all the accounts allowed and passed by
him, properly classified under their respective heads of expenditure.
He shall also, at the same time, report estimates of what amounts
will be requisite for the expenditure of the University during the
ensuing year, and the Board of Trustees only shall have the
power to make appropriations to meet such expenditures.


SECTION 1. The Commissioner of Buildings and Lands shall
have the supervision of all repairs ordinarily required for the
buildings and grounds, under the direction of a Board of Control to
be composed of the Vice-Chancellor, the Treasurer and Comptroller.
To this Board he shall submit all plans and estimates for the repair
and improvement of buildings from time to time, and upon their
approval he shall be authorized to have the same executed, and
not otherwise. The general control of the erection of buildings and
making improvements shall be reserved, however, to such com
mittee as shall be designated by the Board of Trustees.

SEC. 3. The Commissioner of Buildings and Lands shall have
the leasing of the tenements and grounds of the University, under
such regulations as may be prescribed in reference thereto by the
Board of Trustees; and it shall be his duty to prevent trespasses
and intrusions on the property of the University, real and personal,
and to recover its possession from any person who shall improperly
withhold the same. To this end he is required to be vigilant in
observing all trespasses and intrusions, and prompt in reporting
them to the Vice-Chancellor, in laying them before the civil

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