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strains of our American Use, was stirring and refreshing

On Monday, considerable additions were made to our
genial company, and Tuesday still larger, and from all
parts of the South, including some of the most distin-
guished men of the land. Greetings, and group-gathering
the most genial, rambles in all directions over the
magnificent domain, feasting the eyes with magnificent
landscapes which open in all directions from the brow
of the mountain, varying in extent from twenty to a
hundred and fifty miles, afforded occupation and interest
to all.

On Wednesday, the 10th, the morning dawned brightly,
and a more auspicious day could not have been desired
for the august occasion. As early as six in the morning,
though the ceromonies were not to commence till noon,
streams of equestrians were flowing in upon us from
every possible direction. A little latter, wagons, carts,
buggies, and omnibuses were added to the scene. Tents
sprang up, refreshment stands were erected, and every-
thing betokened the gathering of a crowd. The arrival
of the cars at ten o'clock gave us important additions,
not the least of which was a very good Band from

At about noon the Procession was formed, and marched
to the site of the principal or centre building, under the
direction of Major A. M. Rutledge, the efficient Chief
Marshal for the day.

On arriving at the ground, ceremonies were com-
menced by singing the Old Hundredth Psalm to its own
Tune, which was followed by the reading of several ap-
propriate texts of Scripture, by the Bishop of Florida.

Then followed an exhortation by the * Bishop of North
Carolina. After that some Collects, and a very appro-
priate Prayer, by the Bishop of Alabama.

Immediately after this, the deposit of the articles to
be placed in the cornerstone was made by the + Bishop
of Georgia. These articles were the Bible, Prayer
Book, Constitution of the United States, Constitu-


NOTE.--*Rt. Rev. Thomas Atkinson, D. D., &c. +Rt. Rev.
Stephen Elliott, D. D. &c.--T. H.


tion and Canons of the Church, a bound volume of the
Document hitherto issued respecting the establishment
of the University of the South, all the Church Quarterly,
Monthly, and Weekly publications; and a Church Alma-
nae for the current year. On depositing the Bible, the
Bishop said:

This sacred volume, being the Canonical Scriptures of the Old
and New Testament, is deposited, before and above all other me-
morials, in this cornerstone, to testify to the present generation
and to all future ages, that the University of the South recognizes
the Word of God as the fountain of all true learning, and as the on-
ly source of that knowledge which maketh wise unto salvation.

On depositing the Prayer Book, he said:--

This copy of the Book of Common Prayer is deposited in this
cornerstone, next after the Word of God, to testify that the Univer-
sity of the South believes it to be in perfect harmony with that
Word, and to exhibit, in its ministry, doctrine, and sacraments, the
Church of God, as that Church was founded by Christ and His

On depositing the Constitution of the United States:--

I next deposit in this cornerstone the Constitution of the United
States, the time-honored bond which binds together the States of
this Confederacy, to testify that the University of the South, while
it holds itself superior to the State in all strictly spiritual matters,
acknowledges itself subordinate to it in all matters of Government
and Law. Esto perpetua!

As soon as the articles had been deposited, the lid se-
cured, and the stone properly adjusted, the Bishop of
Louisiana (the projector of the Univorsity,) explained
the cornerstone as symbolizing strength and stability,
the union of the intellectual and spiritual natures of
man, the emblem of Christ, the sure and tried Corner-
stone, the Wisdom of God, and the Power of God. Then
striking the stone three times, he said:--

In the Name of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost, Three Persons, One God. Blessed forever, Amen.
I, Leonidas Polk, D. D., Bishop of Louisiana, on this 10th day of
October, in the year of grace 1860, do lay this cornerstone of an ed-
ifice to be here erected as the principal building of the "University
of the South," and Institution established by the Protestant Episco-
pal Church in the Dioceses of Arkansas, Tennessee, North Caro-
lina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louis-
iana, and Texas, for the cultivation of true religion, learning, and
virture, that thereby God may be glorified, and the happiness of
men be advanced. Other foundation can no man lay, than that is


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