Sub Rosa near Clinton "Miss"

20th October / 60

Rt. Rev. J. H. Otey LL.D.{?}

University Place, Tenn.

D'r Sir

I had the pleasure a few
days since of receiving your notice of the laying
of the cornerstone of the principal building of the
"University of the South" on the 10th in hand,
in reply have to state that I very much regret
that it will not be possible for me to be in att
-endance on that interesting occasion. I am at
this time confined to my room from a very severe
attack of {illegible} which precludes the least cha
-nce for my being in attendance, as I would have
made any sacrafice in {illegible} to have attended
had my health permitted. I suffer doubly from
my recent disappointment,

My wishes are for the prosper

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Lane Oliver

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