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may bless you in your present{?} under taking{?}

I remain

Rt Rev & Dear Sir

Very truly


James Bacon {illegible: Tevery?}

Bp Otey.

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{illegible} {illegible} {illegible}

Sep 25. 1860

Rt Rev J H Otey

Memphis Tenn.

My dear Sir,

I am in {illegible} of your valued favor of the 19th enclosed check for $35. which I have placed to the credit of your son. I will supply him with what he needs for {illegible}.

It is with much regret that I find it im =possible to be with you on the interesting occasion of the 10 {illegible}. I am under an engagement {illegible: with?} the Commissioners of Va. on state armament, of which I am one, on that very day. My best wishes attend your enterprise, & the ex= =periment we have made of opening an school to the school. To{?} the South, has added greatly to the argument. Support of your enterprise.

{illegible} Taft{?}

Francis Howard{?}


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Louisville, Sept'r. 27 {page folded over addition writing}

Rt. Rev. J. Otey, D.D. {illegible}

My dear Bishop, Absent on visitations I have not been able to answer your letter of the 5th Inst. at an earlier day.

Leaving St. Louis, on Monday Octr 8th, if I can arrive at the site of your University in season, you may expect me, God willing; or, if not, only at Memphis on Tuesday the 14th Mrs. Smith proposes to accompa -ny me. Of this letter I have sent a copy addressed to University Place not knowing your address at the moment.

My our Heavenly Father be with you and bless you!

In haste, yours &c.

B. B. Smith


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Va. Military Institute

Sep 17. 1860

Rt. Rev. J. H. Otey D.D.

Chair &c University of the South

My dear Sir,

I have the honor to acknowledge the rec't of the invitation of the Executive Com of the Board of Trustees to the interesting ceremonies appointed{?} for the 10. Oct. near{?}.

It would afford me great pleasure to accept this invitation for my heart is cordially enlisted in the great enterprize so auspiciously begun -- but the engrossing responsiblities of official duty confine me long past.

With my kindest regards to the members of the Executive Committee, & to yourself for the {illegible: letter?} to which the invitation has been conveyed. {illegible} my {illegible}.

Yr obt svt

Francis Holmuth{?}

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Univ. of Virginia Sept 18th 1860.

Dear Sir,

I have had the honor to receive from you an invitation to be present at the ceremony of laying the corner stone of the main building of the University of the South, on the 10th day of October next. I sincerely regret that my duties here at that time will compel me to deny myself this gratification. Our session begins Oct. 1st and the formation & arrangement of our classes require the presence, during that month, of those Professors especially, who, like myself, are without assistants. Under other circumstances, I should be delighted to attend the first ceremony connected with an Institution which has, I trust, as it certainly deserves to have, the good-wishes of all Southern people.

I am very respectfully

Yr obt servant,

Francis H. Smith

Rt. Rev. Bishop Otey

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