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Spartanburgh So. Ca.

Sept'r 29 1860

Dear & Reverend Sir!

I truly regret that my professional duties will prevent me from attending the interesting ceremony of the 10' inst. Please tender my {insert symbol:}kind acknow=ledgments to the "Executive Committee" for the their polite invitation & wish them for me "God Speed" in their undertakings.

With Sentiments of High Consideration,

I am "Revd Sir", Yrs

Most Respectfully.

L. C. Kennedy.

Right Revd Bishop Otey

University Place


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Parish Pointe Coupee

Livonia Post Office, Sept. 27th, 1860. --

My dear Sir:

On my return home yesterday from an excursion to Bladon Brpins, Ala:, I had the honor to receive your letter of the 5th Inst., inviting to attend on the occasion of laying the corner stone of the principal building of the University of the South, at the University Place, Franklin County, Tenn:, on the 10th day of Oct. next.

If my health, which is not good, shall permit, I will do myself honor to be present on that interesting occasion. --

With great respect,

I have the honor to be,

Sir, your ob't. serv't. --

H. Johnson

The Right Rev'd,

Bishop Otey. --

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Augusta, Oct. 7th '60

Dear Sir;

Your favor dated the 5th ult:{underlined} has just reached me at this present{?}.

I regret to say that previous en-gagements of an in-exorable character pre-vent my acceptance of the kind invitation with which you have honored me.

Very respectfully

Henry H Jackson

Right Rev: J. H. Otey

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Lebanon, Tennessee

6th Oct. 1860

My Dear Sir:

I have had the honor to receive your invitation to be present on the 10th inst. "at the lay-ing of the corner stone of the principal building of the University of the South."

I very much regret that my engagements compel me to be home on that day.

That you and the eminent scholars with whom you are associated, may meet with full and perfect success in the noble work in which you are engaged, must be the work of every man who truly loves his country.

I hope to see a great seat of learning at 'University Place'; a University{underlined} in truth; a school from whose halls scholars{underlined}, in the reverent sense of the term, will

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be sent forth; a college whose {illegible} will fill the high places of State and be leaders of Public opinion; an Institution where the youth of the South may be thoroughly fitted and prepared for the duties and responsibilities of citizenship.

I pray you, Bishop, to receive assurances of my perfect respect.

John K. Howard

Rt. Rev. James H. Otey,

University Place.

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