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And as a good father, husband, and peaceable Inhabitant,
Educating his children so as to become virtuos [sic] and
deserving members of society; and that seperating [sic] him
from your Excellency's humble memorialist, and from
his numerous infant family, will involve them in want
and privations of the most serious tendency, that your
memorialists [sic] health is also much impaired which
prevents any exertion on her part -

That your Excellency will humane-
ly be pleased to cause her said husband to be assigned
to your memorialist, thereby enabling him to main-
tain, Clothe and educate his numerous family, and
thus mercifully assuage the sorrows of your Excellen-
cys [sic] humble and respectful memorialist.

And who as in Duty bound will

Ever gratefully pray

[signed] Sarah Laurie

[in another hand]

In Consequence of this
applicant having Nine
Children I beg to recommend
her Petition to Consideration

[signed] J Morisset J.P.

[in a third hand]

I have known the [crossed out] (Petition) [added above] (Memorialist) Sarah Laurie for a Number
of years, and believe her Conduct as a Wife and a Mother to be most
exemplary - She has now a very large Family entirely dependent on her
exertions for their maintainence, and should the object of the Memorial
come within the line laid down by His Excellency, in such cases --- The
Memorialist is every way worthy of His Excellencys [sic] best consideration

[signed, on right] Richard Jones

[on right] J.P.

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