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[top of left margin] 31/341 -- 12 Jan'ry 1831.

No. 13

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Commissariat Office
Sydney 11th January 1831


I have the honor to acknow-
ledge the Receipt of your
letter No. 721 of the 31st ultimo,
Requiring me to Report the
grounds on which a demand
has been made on the
Rev'd John Vincent for [underlined] (£2. 12. 1 1/4)
for Rations issued to two
Female Servants in his
employ at Moreton Bay. -

I beg to state in Reply
that before I can furnish
the Required Report, it will
be necessary for me to obtain
some information on the
Subject from the Commissariat
Officer at Moreton Bay. I

[on right] shall

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The Honorable

The Colonial Secretary

&c ... &c ... &c.

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