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[top left] Schedule 261/33
3 Sept 33 -

James Hexton

Capt Clunie having
applied for a Master for the
Regent bird, Hexton was ap-
proved & sent down to Moreton
Bay. -

In the interim however
Edw'd King had been reinstated ^(by Cap't C.)
in the Command of that Vessel
& Hexton was therefore placed [crossed out] (by
Cap't C) in a smaller one in
which he was only allowed 1/9
instead of 2/3 a day. -

Capt Clunie on the dismissal
of the Pilot at MBay appointed
a Seaman named Morris to
such duty & now states that his
reason for so doing was Hextons
ignorance of the channels & currents
& his Contentment to remain
as he is.
If it be correct that Hexton

[in left margin]
Governor decision
This has been wrong
from first to last -
King ought not to have
been reinstated when
another Man was actually
appointed to take his
place, and to put Morris
over Hextons head is
hardly fair - however
if the latter is satisfied the
arrangement proposed by
Captain Clunie may be
sanctioned. -

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