25 33/5358 Dennis McHugh

[on right side] [top right in pencil]

F A Hely to furnish a list of all the men

20 Nov 1832


As there does not appear to exist any Order of the Secretary of State or Colonial sentence by virtue of which the Petitioner Dennis McHugh can be detained at Moreton Bay, let an order be given and measures taken for his immediate removal to Port Macquarie.

I believe I gave these instructions to the Col. Secy a short time after my arrival in the Colony, having perused the opinion of the present Atty Genl. upon the question of the legality of sending convicts not under a second sentence to Penal Settlements. The instructions I then gave were general embracing the case of every Convict at a Penal Settlement not under Colonial Sentence or Order of the Secy of State. If they have not been already been acted upon I have to repeat these meas. without loss of time. [Sign illeg] RB[?]

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