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on the occasion of our personal
interview, respecting your having
failed in making any enguiry
at the time you received Mr
Lambert report of the loss of the
mail which contained, my money
letter in question, I shall quote
your own words from your letter
of the 7th instant as follows “ not
being apprised of your letter being
a money letter at the time [I
had not included it in the
investigation-underlined] "

and you then proceed to confirm
the correctness of my statement
(which very statement you
asperse in the first paragraph
of your letter as being contrary
to the fact) of your having
neglected to institute an
enquiry respecting the loss of the
mail at the proper time by
actually giving your reason
why you did not attend to
Mr Lamberts Report viz "I
specifically stated at the
moment that Mr Lamberts
conduct of the Office was so
irregular that I had no dependence
on his report

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