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List of Three Constables and two Overseers whose term of Servitude expired on the following dates
agreeable to the 62nd Paragraph of Penal Settlement regulations-4th January 1836

Name Ship When tried Sentence Date of appointment When Eligible
Thomas Grey General Stuart 4th April 1829 Seven years 4th January 1835 4th December 1835
[...]Bryan Brampton 2nd September 1829 Seven years 1st September 1834 2nd January 1836
James Hazle Pce Regent 18 January 1830 Seven years 1st January 1834 12th January 1836
Francis Desylow Came Free 6th June 1829 Seven years 1st September 1835 4th March 1836
Jacob Weeks Neptune 3 24th Sept 1829 Seven years 23rd June 1835 24th April 1836
Moreton Bay 4th January 1836
Foster Fyans
Captn 4th Regt

The Honorbale
The Colonial Secretary

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