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His Excellency Major General Sir Richard Bourke
R.C.R. Governor in Cheifs[sic] New South Wales
and its dependencies &c.- &c.- &c.-

The Petition of John Smith per Ship "Medway" Life
now serving (in the ordinary service of the Crown)
under sentence at the Settlement of Moreton Bay.

Most humbly Sheweth -
- That your Petitioner arrived at Van Deimans Land
in the year 1825 and was shortly afterwards removed to Sydney
on the Ship "Chapman". -
- That Petitioner shortly after his arrival at Head
Quarters was forwarded to King George's Sound on the formation of the
settlement there, hopes having been held out to him by the Government
that after Eighteen months good conduct a Ticket of Leave would
be granted to him; after having anxiously awaited for Four years and
upwards with an unexceptionable character for this indulgence and
there being no probability of Petitioner being removed, he absconded and
subsequently surrendered himself to the authorities at Swan River. -
- That Petitioner was shortly after removed to this
settlement having again been sent from Swan River to Sydney in the
Ordinary Service of the Crown where he had endeavoured by exemplary
and persevering conduct during a period of Four years and upwards to
obtain the approbation of his superiors, and he trusts the accompanying
Certificate will prove the truth of this assertion. -
- Petitioner therefore most humbly and earnestly
implores your Excellency will be graciously pleased to take his unfortunate
case into your humane consideration and with your accustomed clemency
sanction Petitioners return to Head Quarters or grant him such other
mitigation or releif[sic] from his present Suffering as Your Excellency may
deem most expedient -
And your Petitioner as in duty
bound will ever pray. -
John Smith

Moreton Bay -
9th April 1836

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