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Know all men by these presents that we
F. Antony as principal and Griffith Davies
and Max Cleriens as sureties all of
Seattle State of Washington are held and stand firmly bound and
obliged unto the City of Seattle a municipal corporation of the State
of Washington in the full and just sum of one thousand dollars to be
paid to the City of Seattle its successors or assigns for which pay-
ment well and truly to be made we do bind ourselves our and each of
our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly
by these presents.

Sealed with our seals and date this 31st day of May 1893.

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the
said principal F. Anthony has this day entered into a contract in
writing with the City of Seattle for the printing binding and furnish-
ing of certain books and pamphlets containing the Charter of the City
of Seattle and certain ordinances thereof and other matter as will
more fully appear by said written contract which is hereby expressly
referred to and made a part here of. Now therefore the condition of
this obligation is such that if said principal F. Anthony shall do
the work and furnish the books and pamphlets provided for in said con-
tract and as therein agreed by him and shall faithfully comply with
all the terms and conditions of said contract then this obligation
shall be void; otherwise shall remain in full force and virtue.

F Anthony Seal
Griffith Davies Seal
Max Cleriens Seal

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